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Organized for Efficiency: 5 Warehouse Organization Tips Your Business Needs

Today’s warehousing industry is bigger than ever before.

In the literal sense, the average size of a warehouse today is 180,000 square feet, up from an average of 127,000 square feet less than fifteen years ago. But, this growth in space relates directly to the growing demand for services. As a result, warehouse organization is a key priority.

If you’re looking for ways to increase warehouse efficiency, this post is for you. Check out these 5 must-have warehouse organization tips that you need to know!

5 Need to Know Warehouse Organization Tips 

According to a survey of warehouse and operations, the industry’s largest challenges include insufficient space, outdated storage and equipment, and inadequate information systems. But, an improvement in these areas requires improved organization.

Here are 5 tips to boost your warehouse organization and help your business reach its’ maximum potential.

1. Choose the Most Effective Warehouse Management Software

The wrong warehouse management software can make your job seem even more difficult and create stress for your employees. However, the right software can lighten everyone’s load.

Take a close look at the software you are currently using and decide whether or not it’s the best option for you. If it’s complicated and hard to use, that’s a good sign that you might need to check into other options.

2. Design a Functional Layout 

Your warehouse layout should have well-defined work areas. Not only does this create a safer work environment, but it makes for a more functional business overall.

Receiving and packing departments should be clearly separate. And, pathways should be mapped out in a way that is visible to workers.

3. Install Space-Saving Shelves

Are you relying on outdated shelving? Want to lower your costs and increase production?

Make the most of your space and your money by installing modern shelving systems, such as push back rack shelving, which allows for modified use of space.

4. Use Appropriately-Sized Storage Bins

Are your storage bins sized to accommodate their contents? Or, are you using bulky bins that can be replaced with more appropriate storage containers?

Storage bins are designed to help maximize your use of space. But, all too often warehouse bins don’t match the size of their contents. And, this leads to wasted space, instead of saving space.

5. Create an Efficient System

Sometimes, the easiest fix is a simple one.

Evaluate your operating system. Are the most-needed items within easy reach? Are your shelves and storage containers clearly labeled?

These types of obvious solutions may not be so obvious after years of working within a dysfunctional environment.

Revisit the methods that you are using to make sure that they lend to your warehouse efficiency. And, make adjustments when you notice an area that seems to be causing issues that may hinder production speeds.

Looking For More Tips to Increase Workplace Productivity?

Improving warehouse organization is just one way to boost productivity in the workplace. But, if you’re looking for more tips to increase productivity, we can help.

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