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How to Update a Kitchen for Optimal Beauty and Function

Cooking at home has become a trend again. In fact, we are realizing that ordering out can be five times more expensive than cooking at home!

From unique meal kits to the local foods movement kitchens are finally getting their fair use again. 

That being said, your kitchen might be ready for a facelift. There are many modern upgrades and decor trends that not only show your personal style but also make your kitchen more functional. 

So we are going to show you just how to update a kitchen to get your space looking great today.

Let’s get started now!

How to Update a Kitchen 

Whether you are ready for a full-on kitchen renovation or just a few functional changes we can help you out! Remember, with a little planning you can maximize the outcome of your projects for lasting results. 

With options for making your kitchen tech-savvy with ProKitchen Software, you can completely streamline your kitchen time.  

Let’s look at these creative updates that will have your friends green with envy when they see your new and improved kitchen. 

Light it Up

Lighting changes the entire atmosphere of a room. In fact, studies show that certain lighting has a positive effect on your mood. 

Updating your lighting can even be as simple as upgrading your lightbulbs or adding dimmer switches to your existing lighting. 

If you are looking to do a more drastic change in your lighting scheme you might think about swapping out old fixtures for more modern style lighting. 

Another inexpensive option is using strip L.E.D lighting. These easy to use lighting strips are perfect for backlighting countertops or adding lighting underneath counters, cabinets, or tables. They are also easily customizable with various colors. 

New Hardware

If your kitchen already has good bones you might just need to spruce it up a little bit to give it a more modern feel. One of the easiest ways to upgrade is by simply swapping out old or outdated hardware in your kitchen.

Changing out the knobs and pulls on cabinets and drawers instantly changes to look of your kitchen. If you have an excessive amount of cabinets consider buying the pieces in bulk rather than individually to save money. 

Open Up Your Cabinets 

It might seem a little strange at first but try removing your cabinet doors. When you do this it immediately opens the kitchen up and gives the appearance of a larger space. 

Paint the inside of the cabinets white or another light color and keep the dishes clean and organized. This is the perfect chance to showcase a beautiful new set of glassware or a dining set that would otherwise remain hidden until use. 

If having no doors does not seem like your ideal style, consider upgrading the cabinet doors to glass-windowed doors to get a similar effect. 

Appliance Updates

Modern appliances not only make your kitchen look updated and sleek but they can also help you save money and time.

Many new appliances are created with energy conservation in mind which can lighten the load when the electric bill comes.

Other appliance features like food prep storage in refrigerators and fast boiling induction stovetops make cooking faster and easier than ever. 

Go Rustic

While a sleek and modern kitchen is refreshing for some others might enjoy more rustic or antique touches. While you do not want your appliances outdated, using upcycled wood for a rustic barn door can give your kitchen an upgraded feel without losing the sense of home.

Another option is to refinish existing pieces in your kitchen with an antique finish. This inexpensive upgrade is simple and will make your kitchen feel comforting and 

Make Your Island Functional 

If you have an island in your kitchen it is time to start making the most out of it! Decide what you want to use the island for and maximize the use of the space. 

If you want to utilize your island as a prep area you should consider adding a built-in cutting area and keep all of your kitchen knives and prep equipment stored under or hanging above the island.

If you would like to make the island the focal point of the kitchen to be used as a casual dining area you should find slim stools that can be easily tucked under the island and out of the way.

Keep clutter off of your island as it can quickly pile up and make space look smaller and leave you feeling stressed from the mess. 

Add a Recycling Center

Concerns for the environment are becoming more and more prevalent. Streamlining your recycling can make recycling fun for kids and easier for you to keep up with. 

In an area of the kitchen that is out of the way clearly label containers for the items that will get recycled such as paper, plastic, etc. 

Make the area neat and organized to help you maintain the recycling. You can even add a bin for composting to utilize in an edible garden for your new kitchen dinners.

Making the Most of Your Kitchen

Now that you know how to update a kitchen with ease it is time to get to work! An updated kitchen is simple to accomplish with these key tips. Get started today and you will be enjoying meals in a new kitchen in no time at all!

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