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5 HVAC Marketing Ideas that Will Give You Quick Results

Tired of following marketing strategies that don’t really work? You need to try some of these methods instead. Take a look at these five HVAC marketing ideas that will give you the results you want fast.

If you’re not a marketing professional, handling marketing duties seems like a hassle.

But great marketing skills will put you at an advantage over your competitors. This is true if you own an HVAC company — you have lots of local competitors fighting over many residential and commercial clients.

Fortunately, marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. The secret behind a successful marketing campaign is knowing the best strategies for your industry.

There are tried and true strategies behind HVAC marketing that you’ll find handy.

Here are 5 HVAC marketing ideas that will turn into leads and will increase brand awareness.

1. Seasonal Ads

HVAC is all about seasons. Your customers want a cold A/C for the summer and a working heater for the winter. With the start of each season, have a new campaign.

Advertise the campaign in advance so your customers can prepare their systems early.

For example, you can have a deal on A/C repairs for spring. For the colder months, offer a free heater service. Make sure you invest in social media ads and Google ads so your local customers can see these deals.

2. HVAC Postcards

Even in the digital age, there will always be something special about direct and print advertising.

Research your local clientele and send postcards directly to their door.

This is important for senior clients, who can’t fix their own HVAC systems. They’re usually not keen on social media and they rely on their mail for advertising.

For best results, create professional postcards with your logo, a strong call-to-action, and professionally done graphics or photographs.

3. Google PPC Advertising

When the younger clients need HVAC work, they obviously turn to the internet.

But you need to know where exactly they’re looking. Most will go to Google and search for keywords, such as “air conditioning repair near me.”

This is why you need a PPC campaign. With PPC, or pay per click, you purchase keywords and Google promotes your website as an ad. When those keywords are searched, your website displays at the top of the search result.

4. UI/UX and Responsive Website

The ultimate digital marketing advice has always been this: have a website.

But today, you need the right website. The best websites have UI/UX quality, or user interface/user experience best practices. The design is also responsive for all devices and looks great on phone, PC, and tablet.

Your best bet is to hire a professional web designer. If you’re unsure of what your website should look like, use as an example.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

Sometimes, the marketing you can’t control will deliver the best results. The best example is customer reviews. When your company gets any kind of review, positive or negative, Google will promote your company.

Convince your customers to write a review. You offer a free service or a gift card to guarantee you’ll get a review.

Use These HVAC Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers

Marketing helps your customers find your company but also lets them know you’re a legitimate and trustworthy brand. If you’re stumped on marketing, use these HVAC marketing ideas to get started.

A combination of digital and physical marketing will ensure you reach out to clients of all demographics in your local area. Use ads, reviews, and your website to draw more digital exposure.

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