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Sir, Yes Sir! 9 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Veterans

When it comes to loyal, skilled employees, military veterans are without a doubt an excellent choice.

If you run a business and you’re interested in hiring new people, there are several incredible reasons to hire veterans to help your business grow and flourish.

Here are nine amazing reasons why hiring veterans are such a beneficial move for you and for your new hires.

1. Veterans Learn New Skills Quickly

Thanks to their time in the military, most veterans have a very quick, efficient learning curve. Being in the military requires you to adapt and change with very little time to waste.

This can be especially helpful for companies who require employees to learn the ropes rather quickly, as veterans are adept at learning things at a fast pace. Some of the skills they’ve learned in the military can even be transferred over to your company, providing you with an employee who has a brand-new skill set that you could find to be highly useful.

With their ability to retain new information at a fast pace, you’ll probably see your company’s overall production increase, too.

2. Teamwork Comes Naturally

Whether it’s the marines, air force, navy, army, or coast guard, veterans must be able to effectively work as a team. If your business requires solid teamwork in order for it to thrive, a veteran is definitely a wise choice.

From being on a ship or submarine to fighting in actual combat, veterans know and understand how essential good teamwork is. If you hire veterans, you’ll have a reliable group of people who are able to work together for a common goal.

3. Hire Veterans for Excellent Leadership

Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a new team leader, manager, or high-level executive. By nature, many military veterans seem to have intrinsic leadership qualities.

The US Military trains their people to lead by example and to learn how to lead through motivation, direction, and delegation. These essential leadership skills can easily carry over into the business world.

Even if you’re not looking to hire someone for a higher-up position, it’s always good to have great leaders working for your company. Their good influence will spread to other employees, creating a higher sense of morale.

4. Veterans Can Handle Pressure

Whether they’ve spent countless months out to sea or have had to fight under constant gunfire, veterans naturally know how to adapt and work under high pressure. This skill is invaluable, particularly if your company works under tight deadlines or other stressful environments.

Being able to handle pressure and stress with calmness and grace doesn’t always come easy. A veteran knows how to work well under these conditions, which can create a calmer and more even-keeled environment for everyone.

5. Procedures Are Fully Understood

The military operates under many codes, including a code of conduct, uniform codes, and several others. When you hire veterans, they respect and understand the rules and procedures that are put in place.

Most veterans understand the hierarchy of business and they respect that there is a company handbook or rules that everyone must follow. A true understanding of your business’ procedures can make the entire working process run much more smoothly.

This understanding also means that your newly hired veteran will be able to stick with the task at hand until it is complete.

6. Veterans Have Personal Integrity

From ethical behavior to individual integrity, veterans understand the importance of being honest and true to their beliefs. This type of personal integrity means that you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to employee behavior.

The military installs these values into its members, and it easily translates into the real world whether it’s work life or family life. Putting in an honest day’s work is important to veterans, and this integrity carries through into their ability to be trustworthy and reliable.

7. Experience and Understanding of Diversity

The military requires people of all races and backgrounds to work together toward a common goal. Veterans fully understand, and often appreciate, how important it is to work with others regardless of their individual religion, race, or creed.

In the business world, diversity is extremely important to maintaining a harmonious and healthy work environment. By hiring veterans, you’re getting people who not only understand but also appreciate the concept of working in a diverse environment.

8. Veterans Focus on the Goal

In both the military and in business, it’s important to always keep your eyes on the prize. Veterans know that the main goal is one that can be reached with hard work, teamwork, and focus.

This goal-oriented mindset is what makes military veterans stand apart. Whether it’s a huge project, a new product, or meeting sales goals, veterans will work hard to help your business reach whatever goals you set forth.

It’s important to hire veterans to help them transition into civilian life and have them join part of a new team. You can also find details about various organizations that support veterans and their overall health and well-being so that they can be productive members of society.

9. A Safety Conscious Mindset

From being on the battlefield to handling firearms, veterans know how important it is to be aware of safety rules. These skills can easily transfer over to any business, meaning that they’ll always put the concept of safety on the forefront.

Whether it’s a factory or an office, safety should always be an important part of any business. When you hire a veteran, they’ll understand and acknowledge the safety rules put in place, and they’ll probably make sure that everyone else is following them, too.

Hiring Veterans Is Smart for Your Business

No matter the size of your company, when you hire veterans, you’re getting some of America’s best people. From playing by the rules to working well with teams, our veterans have some truly amazing skills that will benefit everyone.

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