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Can Your Business Benefit From Hiring Freelancers?

As a small business owner, you might be thinking about hiring a freelancer verse an employee for certain tasks related to your business. 

Reports show that 35 percent of American workers are freelancers. This means that there are millions of qualified candidates ready to start working for you at the drop of a hat. 

Especially if the role can get done from a remote location, then you might find that a freelancer can help your business better than an employee. What are the other freelancer benefits that your business will receive, you might be wondering? 

Keep reading for our guide on the benefits of hiring freelancers for your small business. 


One of the major benefits of hiring freelancers for small businesses is that it tends to be more cost-efficient than adding an employee to your payroll. 

When you hire an employee, you’re going to have to pay them an hourly wage or salary. You’ll need to pay taxes, benefits, and so much more for each employee you hire. You also need to provide them with a place to work and equipment to get the job done.

Yet, when you hire a freelancer, you pay them per project and aren’t required to pay any benefits. They also work remotely which means that they will use their equipment from their home. 

You’re also only hiring a freelancer until the project gets done, so you’re not going to be stuck paying for a long amount of time. You can either renew the contract or move on with something else. 

Check out this handy guide to find out who needs a 1099 form at the end of the year. 

Easy to Find

You might be thinking why hire freelancers? Another reason why small businesses lean towards hiring a freelancer vs. hiring an employee is that freelancers are much easier to find. 

Freelancers are looking for you exactly as you’re looking for them. They’re going to have an entire portfolio dedicated to showing off their work. 

There are also tons of freelancer platforms that you can use to find freelancers. These platforms can help match you with the perfect freelancer to get the job done. You can negotiate and discuss the job, payment, and deadlines all through the platform. 

One thing about looking for freelancers is that you can compare one freelancer to the other. This way you will be able to find the best freelancer to suit the needs of your business. 

Fast and High-Quality Work

When you’re deciding between a freelancer or employee, you should know that freelancers are very good at what they do. They are in a competitive market so they need to make sure that their skills are up to par. 

This means that freelancers are always ready to provide high-quality work at a fast pace. 

Most freelancers know that they won’t get paid until the work is done. This means that they’re ready to get the job done and make sure that you’re satisfied so that they can get paid. 

Another reason why freelancers tend to provide higher quality work is that they aren’t distracted by other work obligations. Work settings usually give workers many different distractions. 

Workers will need to attend meetings or have coworkers who distract them. Instead, freelancers can get the job done and always meet the deadline. 


Another reason to decide between freelancer vs. employee is motivation. Employees get paid a set wage regardless of the quality or quantity of work being completed. This means that motivation for an employee on your payroll could fluctuate daily. 

You will find that motivation for freelancers to complete a task efficiently and quickly is at an all-time high. This is because freelancers want to complete their projects on time so that they can get paid. 

They also want to have a good relationship with you. They may want you to write a recommendation or review for them so they’re going to do everything that they can to make sure that you’re satisfied. 

One thing you should remember with freelancers is that you’re their client. They will be motivated to complete your projects on time so that they can get paid and make you happy.

This is much different from an employee who comes to work every day and feels like they have a bit more stability than a freelancer. 

Less Supervision

One huge benefit of hiring a freelancer for your small business is that they normally require very little supervision. If you’re the type of person who wants the job to get done without the need to manage, then hiring a freelancer is the perfect way to do it. 

Another benefit of hiring a freelancer is that you won’t need to go through the training process. Freelancers are pros at what they do. Chances are they’ve completed this task a hundred times before and already know how to handle it for you. 

This means that you won’t need to spend a week training a new hire on how to do something. You might need to respond to a few emails back and forth when first hiring your freelancer, but then they’ll be good to go. 

You’ll find that hiring a freelancer to get certain things done means more time for you to get the important stuff done. 

Hiring a freelancer will be a huge relief for you and your other team members. You’ll find yourself feeling less stressed and ready to move onto other projects.  

Small Business Freelancer Benefits 

As you can see, there are many freelancer benefits for small businesses. Freelancers can stick around with your small business like regular employees, yet they tend to be more cost-efficient.

If you find a freelancer that you enjoy working with, then be sure to keep giving them projects so they will want to continue working with you!

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