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3 Essential Tips for Better Workplace Wellbeing

Your office space impacts your employees’ wellbeing, and your employees’ wellbeing impacts your office space. 

The better your workspace is, the more focused and motivated your employees are. If you put effort into workplace wellbeing, you’ll see the results in your employees’ productivity and, therefore, your company’s bottom line. 

And trust us, your employees want you to pay attention to their wellness. An astounding 87% of employees reported that their current employer could do better in terms of fitness, healthy lunch options, ergonomic seating options, and more. Additionally, 93% of those in the tech industry said they’d stay at their current establishment longer if the workplace were healthier.

Workplace wellness is a win-win. But how do you go about implementing these necessary changes? 

Keep reading for some tips.

1. Provide Ergonomic Seating

Ergonomic seating was a specific request from employees searching for a healthier environment. With all the time spent sitting in a desk, it makes sense to want something not only comfortable but promoting of good posture, too.

Ergonomic seating involves:

  • A monitor that’s at least an arms’ length away
  • A desk that allows wrists to be straight/extended, so they’re in line with or slightly below the elbows
  • A chair with adjustable height (knees should be level with hips)

Bonus points if your office chairs support the natural curvature of the spine, too. The keyboard, mouse, and telephone should also be at an appropriate distance. 

2. Make Cleanliness a Bigger Priority 

Now more than ever, a clean and disinfected environment is one of the most talked-about safety subjects.

Your employees need to feel secure in their office, knowing that it’s cleaned and disinfected regularly. Based on your office’s design, you may need to supply a certain amount of PPE to your staff, such as masks, as well as having sanitizer placed throughout the building in convenient spots.

If this seems like too big a thing to manage, consider hiring a professional cleaning company.

3. Consider a Fitness Room 

And if you don’t have space for that, you can still offer things like fitness challenges for willing participants. Allow your employees to vote on the one they most want to do.

Fitness challenges can include:

  • Streaks of going to the gym
  • Streaks of eating healthily days in a row
  • Wearing a fitness tracker and comparing results

Make sure your challenge, if you choose to do one, is inclusive for all individuals. If neither of these sounds plausible for your office, you can encourage every employee to take walking breaks every hour. 

Implement These Tips for a Better Workplace Wellbeing

As an employer, you can’t go wrong by focusing on the health and wellbeing of your employees.

They’ll love the fact that you’re putting in the time, money, and effort to encourage their health. As the data shows, most employees want a greater focus on workplace wellbeing, and you’re sure to benefit from it, too. Begin executing these tips now, before they leave you for someone who’s already doing so!

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