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What are Certified Mail Labels and Why Your Business Should Use Them

Did you know that the Mail Recovery Center, which is the USPS’ lost and found department, receives about 85 million letters, flats, and manuals in a year? That doesn’t include other packages, including checks, parcels, and books.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why a package doesn’t get to its destination. Nonetheless, none of those are acceptable when you’re dealing with sensitive materials.

If your business mail important items regularly, consider using certified mail labels to ensure your mail is safe. Wait, what are they and why would you choose them over regular mail?

Read below to find out all about certified mail and its advantages.

What are Certified Mail Labels?

Certified mail is a delivery service wherein the recipient signs the package and the sender receives a certificate upon successful delivery. The USPS offers this type of delivery for first-class and priority mails. Companies often use this for time-sensitive and important items, like contracts and such.

It has another layer of security, which sets it apart from regular mail and registered mail. Although registered mail has some features that are similar, certified mail gets to the recipient faster and is more secure.

How Certified Mail Benefits Your Business

Certified mail is more expensive, but If you’re dealing with sensitive and important documents, certified mail is the way to go. To know more, visit now this article about reasons to use it or keep on reading.

1. It Allows You to Track Every Step

Certified mail records each step of the delivery process and posts it online. This allows you to see the current state of your package, from dropping it off to delivery.

The USPS scans the mail to record when they have accepted and sent the certified mail. They also scan it as it enters or exits the post office and sorting facility. They update this information every hour, so you can also be up-to-date about the location of your mail.

This feature is important when you’re having sensitive material shipped out. This also helps you avoid errors and mistakes, as you can contact the postal service once you see something is amiss.

Furthermore, it gives you peace of mind about your package. You won’t have to worry about delays or the USPS losing your package, which happens quite often.

2. You Don’t Have to Worry About Records

Record-keeping is an important step when you’re delivering large amounts of important material to your clients on a daily basis. Of course, your own company must have records of these deliveries. Still, it helps if you can back it up with records from your courier.

The good news is that certified mail keeps your record for about 10 years. These records, including proofs of delivery and fees payment, are accessible to you. If you need to know if you ever sent out an important piece of document 5 years ago, the USPS will have it on record.

Don’t worry about your data falling to the wrong hands. These records are in a safe and secure portal only for you.

3. The USPS Can Deliver It to P.O. Boxes

Other delivery services don’t deliver to P.O. boxes, but certified mail can do so. This becomes a problem when your client only has P.O. boxes rather than a physical address. In this case, having

The recipient will receive a delivery notice, stating that they have a certified mail. It also instructs the recipient to claim the mail by going to the USPS window clerk and presenting the notice. He/she will then sign the delivery receipt and claim the certified mail.

4. It’s Safer and More Secure Than Other Options

When you send out important documents, you want to make sure the recipient receives it and on time. The best way to make sure of that is to use certified mail so that the USPS treats it as a priority. As such, they’ll handle it with care to ensure it gets to its destination safe and without delay.

With certified mail labels, your delivery gets protection from loss, theft, and damage. Furthermore, you can check whether it has arrived on time using the tracking feature.

5. Certified Mail Looks Professional

Certified mail’s main advantage is security, but it helps that it looks professional. Clients will see that they’re a priority, allowing you to build a positive experience. As a result, you impress them and you earn their respect, and they’ll likely turn into a loyal customer.

Receiving certified mail also creates a sense of urgency as it looks official. This is advantageous for you since your customers and clients will be able to read it as soon as receiving it. They’ll then be able to respond to you right away if need be.

6. You Can Get Labels Online

Today, you can now print certified mail labels online. You won’t need to step out your office and go to the post office to get some.

Make sure you know the weight of the mail and know how to use certified mail labels. This will save you time and energy by not having to wait in line at a post office.

Do note that only third-party couriers offer label printing online on their website. You won’t find this feature on the USPS website itself.

7. It Saves You Money in the Long Run

Yes, it’s more expensive, but losing important documents can deal more damage than a few bucks.

With standard postage, your packages are more vulnerable to damages and loss. This can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, which means certified mail is a cost-effective measure against such cases.

Communication with Customers is Paramount

Certified mail’s greatest strength lies in its accuracy of deliveries, and having certified mail labels means you care about having accurate and reliable communication with your clients.

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