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Moving & Corporate Mayhem: 8 Handy Hints and Tips for a Successful Office Move

8 Handy Hints and Tips for a Successful Office Move

Are you about to embark on an office move? If so, you need to check out this handy blog post. Trust us, you’ll be glad you took our advice. Click here for more information on this subject!

Moving anytime anywhere is stressful business, but when it’s an actual business that’s moving . . . Well, that’s even worse stressful business.

There’s tons to be planned, information to be shared and entire departments to coordinate. It’s like moving with the family, except each child has a whole army behind him and everyone has their own individual things they have to bring.

So when you’re planning an office move, organization is optimal.

That’s why we’re presenting eight handy tips to help your transition be as smooth as that age-old Scotch you’ll drink the day after.

Tricks to a Smooth Office Move

You’ve already been forewarned that organization is key, but there are a few slight of hands that will be aces up your sleeves.

1. Plan Ahead

Sometimes a corporate move is a last-minute decision. But when it’s not, you’re going to want to plan ahead months or even years ahead.

Doing so will allow you to contact the best movers, give your employees and customers plenty of notice and ensure everything is planned out in an organized manner.

A year is optimal, but work with whatever time you have. Use the period to compare prices, discuss specifics with the moving company, record any requirements for the new building, and prepare a team.

2. Insurance

Make sure the moving company has insurance and read its fine print. Some companies won’t cover all types of items. Others may claim to be insured but aren’t, and if that’s the case and anything is broken, it can mean your business foots the bill.

Jason Alderman of the Washington Post claims to have had his computer broken by a mover. Because the company didn’t cover electronics in its insurance, he had to pay for a new one.

For businesses, this can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars lost if equipment gets mishandled. Ask about the different insurance plans and select the best fit.

3. New Building Requirements

Some buildings may require you to take extra measures to protect areas when moving. Take the time to speak to the building’s owner and request a copy of any necessary actions. Doing so will save you much time and money.

4. Inventory

You keep track of dozens of employees; now it’s time to keep track of dozens (if not hundreds) of boxes.

Make an inventory system and label each box. Every box should have a number, a brief description of its contents and where the box should be moved to.

Next, make a list of every box number and associated information. Provide one list to a second supervisor and keep one for yourself.

Consider videotaping all items before the move to prove value and quality, especially electronics. Record them working properly in case one is damaged in the move.

Not only can this list help you assess moving costs, but it can also make your life so, SO much easier when comparing the moving company’s inventory to yours. Further, if anything gets lost or broken, you’ll have proof to help you seek retribution.

5. Opportunities

See this entire business moving process as an opportunity to strengthen the work culture. Ask employees for input on moving and any changes they would like to see at the new office. Consider donating office equipment that isn’t needed or analyzing the new location for potential growth opportunities.

6. Announcements

Don’t let this be stressful; it’s also important you have fun with the idea.

Research the area and hook employees up with helpful companies. Providing lists of real estate companies like JP Real Estate Experts and moving agencies can show employees you are considering them, too.

Try to get them as excited about the move as you are. Relocation packages featuring helpful contacts and area highlights are a great way to do this. If finances allow, consider reaching out to employees who will have longer commutes to offer assistance.

Of course, don’t forget about the customers. Consider incentives to take them with you.

According to our own Bruce Loeffler, “One of the greatest attributes of a successful person is their ability to make others feel significant. You will go far when you learn to place others before your own self interests and make them feel they are the most important person.”

Let loyal customers know the move is in their best interest, too.

Share moving information well in advance of the moving date.

7. Two Managers

Pick one other manager you trust to be your right-hand man or woman. Station one manager at the old office and one at the new to oversee everything. This will make everything much more organized.

If you have a particularly large corporation, consider having one manager on each floor. This will ensure all the movers have one person to go to for any questions regardless of where they are at.

Further, having a manager at the old location can be a priceless commodity to make sure nothing was left behind and that you can leave the old office in the past for good.

8. Make a List of Tasks

Do you remember that ideal year we talked about? This is something that should have been completed then.

Every manager aiding you should have the same information as you. Consider using Google Docs or a similar program to keep all information up-to-date and to collaborate effectively.

Make a list of everything each supervisor should accomplish before the move, during the move, and after the move. Place emphasis on preparations, organization, and communication with the staff.

It may sound tedious, but this will save you a year of headaches from endless and repetitive questions. If it’s all on the list, everyone will know exactly what to do.

The Last Bit of Advice

We do have one tiny bit of advice. During The Great Office Move, don’t let the stress overtake you.

Meditate. Relax. Do what you must to stay focus, positive and energized.

Your employees will notice this and will respond in turn. And when it’s all said and done, take out that smooth Scotch or treat yourself to a frappe. You’ll deserve it.

Before moving, also consider taking a glance at our article about finding the best internet and phone providers. Upon moving to a new location, great service in these departments will be priceless.

So sit back, relax and take a breath. Plan ahead. With these tips, you’re well on your way to smooth moving.