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Cheap Office Supplies and More: 5 Places to Source Things You Need for Business

Is your office looking pretty bare these days?

Most companies are still battling with the typical image of what an office should be versus what young companies are doing to fight that stereotype in 2019.

Do you need desks, tables, and chairs? Or should you get bean bags, exercise balls, and ping pong tables? It’s tough to toe the line between “boring office” and “party office”.

It’s important for your company’s workspace to convey the image you want customers to have of you and to provide a comfortable location for a wide demographic of employees to work efficiently in.

It’s also important to have a resource for cheap office supplies so you aren’t spending more than you need to on things like paper, staplers, and printers. Keeping the budget small for the little things can keep you afloat during the tough times.

Here are 5 resources to help you choose your office supplies.

1. is a one-stop-shop for discounted office supplies. Here, you can find pretty much any solution to your needs, and they do it all online so you don’t have to rent a truck to pick everything up.

If you’re a loyal Quill customer, you may want to join QuillPlus to get points on your purchases to redeem for great office products. It’s also good to note that purchases over $45 come with free shipping.


For a great resource for desks, tables, and seating, check out They have an enormous selection of brands that they’ve built a relationship with over their 30 years in business.

These products are great for individual offices and conference rooms, as well as open concept and cubicle spaces. They offer a free lifetime warranty on everything in case your office gets little rambunctious.

3. Poppin offers modern office furniture for an affordable price. Most of their desks and tables have a simple and streamlined aesthetic with lots of color options for more vibrant office spaces.

If you’re going for a spacious open-concept workspace, Poppin is probably for you. They even have a new line of standing desks and modern lounge furniture for young offices that see the value of teamwork in productivity.

4. OfficeSuperSavers

Get all of your small office supplies at It’s a low-cost option for pens, printer paper, name badges, notepads, binders, etc. If you can think of it, they’ve got it, and for cheap.

If you put in a big order, you can also save on shipping. Any order over $1000 gets you free shipping, and if you’re ordering that many supplies, you’re gonna need it.

5. Amazon

We all know that Amazon is where you go when you can’t think of where else to go. Realistically, it’s probably the first place you go. Check Amazon for deals on anything from computers and printers to extension cords and paperclips to massage chairs and hearing aids (more about hearing aids here).

There’s nothing you can’t find, and if you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’ll get quick shipping for free. It’s easy to get carried away on Amazon, so keep an eye on your bill at checkout.

Cheap Office Supplies Are Everywhere

You can find cheap office supplies pretty much anywhere. Keep an eye on flyers and online sales to get the best deals to keep your office up to date.

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