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How to Execute High Converting Lead Magnets for Law Firms

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Magnet Ideas

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When it comes to attracting leads, one of the most effective techniques you can use is a strong lead magnet. However, especially for law firms, when you are trying to attract the right clients, it can be difficult to know what kind of lead magnet ideas to use.

Sometimes, the fear of not attracting the right type of customers can lead you to feel like it’s not worth putting in any time.

When it comes to leads, what you need to understand is not just how to acquire an email address but how to keep them interested along the way. After all, 81% of sales happen after 7 or more contacts, so why stop at just speaking to your lead once or twice?

With that in mind, this article will help you identify the best lead magnet ideas that will not just bring in more leads but help you keep them too.

First, What Is a Lead Magnet?

Before we dive into how to create the perfect lead magnet ideas for your law firm, you first need to know what a lead magnet is.

A lead magnet is something that you offer for free to your website visitors in exchange for their email address. In other words, you are providing something of value to your audience.

Now, it’s incredibly important to give away something that is valuable and doesn’t just look valuable. You want to give your audience a quick, easy win.

How Do Lead Magnets Fit into the Sales Process

You can use lead magnets on your website or generate leads from Facebook ads. When you look at your lead magnets in your overall sales process, they work as an easy way to attract a certain type of audience. For example, if you offered a lead magnet that when somebody signed up, they won a chance of getting an iPad, you’d have every person who landed on the page signing up.

If instead, if you gear your lead magnet ideas towards a specific need you wanted to fulfill, like personal injury claims for example, then you’d be attracting clients who had an interest in that. You can always read more about personal injury claims.

Once you have acquired an email address for your client, that’s just the first step. The next step of your sales process is to take your lead magnet ideas and turn them into valuable content for your new subscriber.

By providing value to your reader not just initially but through continued emails and outreach, you are building a relationship with your audience and providing them value. This ongoing commitment to providing great value strengthens the bond between your new lead and your law firm.

The more value they receive from you, the more they value you in their mind. This simple process can help to build up brand loyalty which means when you do want to reach out and turn that lead into a customer; you are going in with a hot lead, not a cold lead, which is much easier to convert.

Why? Because they already trust you.

What Makes a Perfect Lead Magnet?

The good news is for law firms; the average person sees the whole process of understanding law as very intimidating. This gives you a huge opportunity to give away knowledge for free to your audience that gives them huge value, but they may still need you to help them along with the whole process.

For example, if you are a law firm trying to attract business for soon to be divorcees, then offering a free cheat sheet on the best way to keep costs low in a divorce may attract your initial interest.

Once you follow through with emails giving even more value to that reader, they turn from a potential prospect to somebody who loves the value you give as an organization, an individual, and a law firm.

This is an amazing way to create your companies brand and provide real value to your audience.

Who do you think they’re going to go with when deciding to draw up the contract then?

Here are Some Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas

To help you with some ideas for creating some brilliant lead magnet ideas for your law firm, we’ve put together a few suggestions below to inspire you.

1. Access to A Free Resource Library or Free Tips and Content

71% of B2B marketers use content marketing to generate leads. Combining free tips and content within your content marketing strategy can be one of the greatest ways to improve the number of leads you receive.

You can give away valuable content for free in a post and offer more insights and tips via a lead magnet. Other law firms sometimes like to include a free resource library which gives users who sign up access to a multitude of different resources.

2. Data and Case Studies

One of the best lead magnet ideas for a law firm can be to offer data or case studies. This gives the user a deep insight into understanding a topic in more detail.

It’s also a great way to bring a customer into a story and show them how you solved their particular problem. This can be reassuring, especially when many law cases can seem complicated to the average person.

3. Checklists

Instead of providing a huge block of information for a reader to try and digest, make it easier for them by giving them the option to download a checklist. Especially for long, complicated processes, a checklist is a great way to make a process easier to understand while also acquiring the lead’s email address at the same time.

4. Cheat Sheets

We all love cheats in life, and your cheat sheet lead magnet ideas should look to provide a shortcut to solving a problem. Instead of having to sort through lots of research, the cheat sheet gives the reader a faster route to the desired answer they want.

Make sure your cheat sheets are easy to comprehend and provide a quick solution for a specific problem.

Time to Up Your Lead Generation Game

It’s time to put all of these tips into practice so you can improve your lead generation game for your law firm. Using these techniques outlined above you should be gaining more leads in no time.

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