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Short Term Thinking Can Harm Your Business

The problem with project thinking is it leads you into the trap of continually needing new customers to have a healthy business. It can also mean that you get swamped with work for a time and then nothing, so you need to attract more customers. Sure there will be times when customers just want you do a one off project. However if you change the way you think about your services and how you offer them you could be surprised at the additional solutions you can actually offer your customers.

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Merchants Push Sales Through Social Media

After learning how to market themselves through tweets and status updates, some small companies are taking the next step: selling directly to consumers via social-networking sites. Merchants on Facebook and MySpace are adding e-commerce stores to their fan pages, hoping users will scan lists of for-sale items and services—such as floral bouquets, hand-crafted jewelry and spa treatments—and click a button to add them to online shopping carts.

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Linkedin for Sales: Resume or Sales Letter?

Use your update or status box to generate targeted sales traffic. This simple little update box, when combined with a website link, can be a powerful lead generation tool. Make your updates a brief call to action and add a link to a compelling landing page. This could be your website, a blog, a squeeze page, LeadShare, your Facebook fan page, wherever you can capture leads or generate calls.

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Google for Online Sales Prospecting

Web 2.0 has delivered an incredibly valuable resource to every sales person on the planet–a massive customer database. Think about it. Daily people (prospective customers) are creating profiles, indicating their preferences, discussing their pain, and describing their vision. Really, what’s left in the sales process? Connecting with them and building a trusted relationship. Actually, social networking assists in that too. These tools show you pathways to connection and trust. The trick is learning to efficiently mine this amazing database.

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