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Does the Internet Show the True Colors of Your Business?

What attitude adjustments should you make in your business to influence your employees? The next time you get a customer complaint, online or not, is your reaction, “Oh geez, here we go again?” Or do you think to yourself, “A customer problem! This is my job to fix.” The difference in your attitude will translate into a difference in that of your employees, and might turn around how your business is perceived, online and off.

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Tech Support *is* sales

When your customers expect a turd sandwich and you deliver a turkey club with chipotle mayonnaise, you earn major bonus points, like users twittering about your service, people switching to your service because of tech support, or customers not only following your Tweets but instructing their followers to do the same. Oh look! Apparently tech support is a better “social media outreach” program than hiring interns to spray comments on random blogs. Are you surprised?

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9 Advantages of Keeping Up To Date With Your Customers

Not taking action to strengthen your relationships can cost your business big time so here are 9 advantages of being proactive to keep learning about your customers. Even if you are having a great time now with loads of work, making time to know them better helps you to not have to face the lean times in the future.

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Jump Online to Learn More About Your Customers

If you want to move your marketing up a notch, then getting online and observing your customers is very easy. I am not talking about stalking or being a peeping tom, but simply noticing and gaining more insight into your current and potential customers. Finding out more about them really does help to build and strengthen your relationships. Apart from engaging with them there is a great deal you can learn, just by listening and observing.

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