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Become a contributing author and have your articles included on Small Business Brief.


  • Establish your status as an expert in your industry.
  • Increase traffic to your site.
  • Improve visibility in the search engines.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase awareness of your brand.


  • Articles must be small business related.
  • Only full length articles are accepted. Do not submit a snippet with a link to the rest of the article on another site.
  • All articles are held for moderation before being posted live.
  • Please be patient with us, Robert is a slow reader. :-)

Keep In Mind:

  • Not all articles are accepted for publication. (We still like you.)
  • Not all articles that are accepted and published will make it to our home page.
  • Tips on landing on our home page:
    1. We love well written articles. (“Well written” is obviously subjective.)
    2. We love articles that are original. (Again, subjective.)
    3. We love being the first place your article is published. (Or second, after your blog is good too.)
    4. We prefer articles that have not already been published in a zillion article directories. (We like to feel special. Let us publish your article first – then go nuts submitting to article directories. If you already have submitted everywhere, you can still submit your article.)

If You Are Starting to Think We Are Big Meanies:

  • We know writing is hard work.
  • We know putting your work out there is scary.
  • We know it’s no fun when your article isn’t accepted.
  • We know how important it is to your business to get exposure.
  • We know you need someone to just give you a chance.

Don’t Be Discouraged, We Want You to Succeed!

  • Don’t be afraid to try. Even if you think we really are meanies, don’t let that hold you back.
  • No one starts out as a great writer. It takes practice and we know that.
  • If at all possible, we will find a place for your article.
  • If you don’t get accepted, don’t give up. Write another article and try again.
  • Sometimes we make mistakes. Use our contact form if you think we have.
  • We love small businesses and we want to help you succeed.

Ok, now that you know we think you are awesome (we really do) and you’ve read the details, it’s article submiting time:

First, you need to register to gain access to the article submission form. This is necessary to combat the massive volume of evil spammers abusing the submit form.

We apologize for the extra step. We know it’s annoying. But, less spam equals faster review of your articles.

If you are already registered and logged in, go to the: Submission Form
(If you are registered but don’t know if you are logged in, you’ll get a message on the submission form letting you know if you aren’t.)

If you haven’t registered, start with the: Registration Form

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