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Project Management for the Real World
This web-based project management software enables project collaboration within your company or around the world. Projects are organized in a hierarchical fashion with projects being under project owners (customers). Under projects are tasks, documents and web links. You may assign any number of users and grant each of them individual permissions for each element of each project.

The task is the driving unit of this system. Tasks can have hourly rates set for them so that when you or your assigned users make task log updates, hours worked can be captured to feed cost roll-up reports. A task log entry consists of hours worked, update to percent complete, and a textual description of what was accomplished. The entry is time stamped and marked with the user who is making the entry. This can be you or a user that you have assigned this task to. This gives you the flexibility to establish any time frame for logging updates, such as daily or weekly, and tracking that you are receiving all updates as required. Tasks can also be linked by dependencies so that you can easily navigate up and down the dependency chain to find bottlenecks.

Projects and tasks can be assigned start dates and due dates. You can use these values to determine if a project is on track. The percent complete display on projects and tasks is color coded to let you quickly determine if a project/task is on schedule, may be falling behind, is overdue, or complete. Both projects and tasks have a blog style discussion area to enable fleshing out of project details, questions, quick notification of changes, etc as the project progresses, keeping all of your team members in the loop. At the project level, you can initiate a discussion and optionally link it to specific tasks. This will cause that discussion to also appear under all the linked tasks. At the task level, you can initiate a discussion which will appear under that task and also at the project level; therefore the project level contains all discussions concerning the project. Any number of comments can be posted for each discussion. Filtering by keyword is provided for discussions to enable you to drill down to the information you need at the moment when there is a lot of discussion for the project or task.

Documents such as Word documents, spread sheets, PDF documents, etc. can be uploaded and stored at the project level and conveniently opened in a new window or downloaded by team members with permission.

Web links can be used to direct your users to any web URL which can then be conveniently opened in a new window. This allows for powerful, yet simple extensibility. You can link to a test web site that you are developing, a series of photographs that you have taken, or any other web-based application that you are using to provide a service to your users.

Cost roll-up reports by project and by user are provided. These comprehensive reports come in a drill down and printer friendly version. Quickly see how your projects for a particular customer are progressing, or check progress for your users on the tasks assigned to them. Find users who currently have no tasks or have completed all their tasks so that you can assign additional work to them.

Project Management for the Real World is a simple yet powerful tool to help you gain control of your projects. Please visit and view the instructional videos, review the program documentation accessible from the Help menu, and sign up for the free trial to get started taking control of your projects today!

Project management software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Used for project planning and management, tracking, reporting, Network Diagram and Gantt editors, resource scheduling and time tracking.

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