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Recently add to the Employee Review Software category.

Performance Now Employee Review Software
Writes powerful performance evaluations that are EEOC ADA compliant for you. Includes three modules: Performance Appraiser, Performance Manager and Form Designer.

Appraisal Smart Employee Performance Appraisal Software
Appraisal Smart enables you to:

* Minimize the effort and cost of the employee performance appraisal process across your organization, and dramatically reduce paperwork.
* Ensure that your corporate goals are achieved through the joint efforts of all your employees.
* Motivate employees with clear and easily online-accessible goals and objectives to enhance their performance.
* Hold people accountable for their work output, and establish a performance-based culture.
* Enhance the content and consistency of performance appraisals organization-wide.
* Promote manager-employee engagement and collaboration. * Reduce line manager reluctance and fear to conduct performance appraisals with their staff.
* Adopt a fair performance management and appraisal system that aims to retain your top performers and identify those employees who do not perform to expectation.
* Identify individual and organizational competency strengths and weaknesses.
* Have your finger on the pulse regarding the status of staff appraisals organization-wide at any given moment in time.
* Have a record of all previous years' appraisals 'on tap' with the mere click of a mouse.
* Protect yourself legally with detailed performance records to defend your organization against litigious ex-employees.

SuccessFactors Performance Review Software
SuccessFactors Performance Management module eliminates the time and unnecessary stress of your current review process while providing in-depth insight about your team. Our automated web-based employee appraisal software replaces labor-intensive systems to make your performance review process simple, effective and fast. Additionally, our software easily measures individual employee contributions—accurately, clearly, and objectively. So, with less effort, you'll be armed with the necessary information to make key employment decisions—and your business will be poised for real success.

* Accelerate the review process. Automatically route and track review forms and provide participants with instant online access.
* Boost review quality. Our built-in writing and coaching assistants help you produce more professional and meaningful employee appraisals.
* Receive balanced feedback. Transform your standard review process into a dynamic 360° feedback loop between managers, subordinates, and peers.
* Reduce your risk. Minimize legal exposure with our built-in legal scan function. Additionally, our audit trail will help ensure that your company complies with Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry-specific regulations.

Employee Performance Appraisal Software
Halogen's online performance appraisal software helps your organization quickly create high-value performance appraisals for all employees. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities.

Halogen eAppraisal lets you:

* Reduce time and money spent conducting and recording employee performance appraisals - up to 85%.
* Improve the quality and completion rates of your employee appraisals.
* Align employee goals and development activities to business priorities.
* Track and manage the entire appraisal workflow from your HR control center.
* Free up employees, managers, HR and IT to spend more time on strategic activities.
* Conduct appraisals your way , using your process and employee appraisal forms.
* Create as many different appraisal forms and processes as you need, yourself - without vendor or IT involvement.

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