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Category: Twitter Software
Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates. You can even keep track of who's tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like or

The Twit Cleaner
Category: Twitter Software
Here's what The Twit Cleaner will do for you:

- Analyses all the people you follow
- Finds time wasters, spammers, the boring, bots etc
- Creates a detailed report of everyone you're following
- Increases the integrity and authenticity of your brand or personal image
- Clears up the 'background noise' of Twitter
- Frees you to focus your time and energy (whether you're here for friendship, business or both)

Category: Facebook Software
Maximize your Facebook page with professional applications. Involver's platform is used by more than 20,000 companies to build, manage and measure rich and dynamic social media experiences.

Category: Backup Software
You have data locked up in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Basecamp, and all the other online services you use. Backupify is not just about backup, it is about controlling your data yourself instead of having it stored in hundreds of services all around the web. Your online data is just as important as the data on your computer. Both should be backed up.
Category: Twitter Software
We analyze the content of Twitter users' tweets to find interesting statistics about them. We'll even tell you whether a user seems to be a prominent person or celebrity, or whether they display bot-like behavior.

Category: Twitter Software
Twitturly tracks the URLs flying around the Twitterverse and provides a quick, real-time view of what people are talking about on Twitter.

Each time someone tweets a URL to their followers on Twitter, Twitturly takes note of it and applies it as a vote for that URL. The more votes a URL has in the last 24 hours, the higher it ranks on Twitturly's Top100. It's that simple.

Whether people link directly to the final URL, use TinyURL, Snipurl (snurl), or any other URL shortening service, we always count the "votes" correctly because our spiders actually visit every single site before it gets displayed here.

To keep things fresh and the quality high, the Twitturly Top100 only shows the 100 most popular URLs over the last 24 hours. The 24 hours are constantly sliding and because of some extra smart algorithms, you always see what people are currently talking about. And yes, to prevent gaming of our site, those extra smart algorithms catch pretty much all of the spam and robots on twitter too.

Category: Twitter Software
Twitalyzer is the Social Media industry's most popular, most widely used analytics application. Used by over 400,000 people, Twitalyzer is changing the way that businesses and individuals think about their investment in Twitter and other short-messaging services.

Category: Twitter Software
Graph your Twitter Stats including:

* Tweets per hour
* Tweets per month
* Tweet timeline
* Reply statistics

Twitter Analyzer
Category: Twitter Software
Twitter analytic system.

Category: Twitter Software
Get a clear overview and graph of your twitter stats.

Performance Now Employee Review Software
Category: Employee Review Software
Writes powerful performance evaluations that are EEOC ADA compliant for you. Includes three modules: Performance Appraiser, Performance Manager and Form Designer.

Appraisal Smart Employee Performance Appraisal Software
Category: Employee Review Software
Appraisal Smart enables you to:

* Minimize the effort and cost of the employee performance appraisal process across your organization, and dramatically reduce paperwork.
* Ensure that your corporate goals are achieved through the joint efforts of all your employees.
* Motivate employees with clear and easily online-accessible goals and objectives to enhance their performance.
* Hold people accountable for their work output, and establish a performance-based culture.
* Enhance the content and consistency of performance appraisals organization-wide.
* Promote manager-employee engagement and collaboration. * Reduce line manager reluctance and fear to conduct performance appraisals with their staff.
* Adopt a fair performance management and appraisal system that aims to retain your top performers and identify those employees who do not perform to expectation.
* Identify individual and organizational competency strengths and weaknesses.
* Have your finger on the pulse regarding the status of staff appraisals organization-wide at any given moment in time.
* Have a record of all previous years' appraisals 'on tap' with the mere click of a mouse.
* Protect yourself legally with detailed performance records to defend your organization against litigious ex-employees.

SuccessFactors Performance Review Software
Category: Employee Review Software
SuccessFactors Performance Management module eliminates the time and unnecessary stress of your current review process while providing in-depth insight about your team. Our automated web-based employee appraisal software replaces labor-intensive systems to make your performance review process simple, effective and fast. Additionally, our software easily measures individual employee contributions—accurately, clearly, and objectively. So, with less effort, you'll be armed with the necessary information to make key employment decisions—and your business will be poised for real success.

* Accelerate the review process. Automatically route and track review forms and provide participants with instant online access.
* Boost review quality. Our built-in writing and coaching assistants help you produce more professional and meaningful employee appraisals.
* Receive balanced feedback. Transform your standard review process into a dynamic 360° feedback loop between managers, subordinates, and peers.
* Reduce your risk. Minimize legal exposure with our built-in legal scan function. Additionally, our audit trail will help ensure that your company complies with Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry-specific regulations.

Employee Performance Appraisal Software
Category: Employee Review Software
Halogen's online performance appraisal software helps your organization quickly create high-value performance appraisals for all employees. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities.

Halogen eAppraisal lets you:

* Reduce time and money spent conducting and recording employee performance appraisals - up to 85%.
* Improve the quality and completion rates of your employee appraisals.
* Align employee goals and development activities to business priorities.
* Track and manage the entire appraisal workflow from your HR control center.
* Free up employees, managers, HR and IT to spend more time on strategic activities.
* Conduct appraisals your way , using your process and employee appraisal forms.
* Create as many different appraisal forms and processes as you need, yourself - without vendor or IT involvement.

Staff Files HR Software
Category: Human Resource Software
Staff Files human resource software is the easy way to manage employee information. You can do performance evaluations, document training information, record benefits, track sick leave and vacation time accruals, and many other duties traditionally involving tedious paperwork. You can also store employee photos and other important documents with Staff Files, such as scanned W4’s, applications and resumes. To ensure privacy, Staff Files lets you manage security by department, by user, or read-write access. Staff Files’ quick-tab navigation system makes the software easy to use and easy to learn. Over 10,000 users like you rely on Staff Files to make sure their employee information is organized, protected, and at their fingertips. Pricing starts at only $295.

Why Staff Files?

- Use auto accrual policies to effectively track vacation, sick leave and more

- Evaluate employees and set performance goals to increase productivity

- Manage security by department, by user or read/write access

- Track wages and compensation history with accuracy

- Maintain the most up-to-date training and certification information

- Record details of incidents, such as disciplinary warnings and accidents

- Find emergency contacts fast

- Easily customize fields, check boxes and reports for your unique business needs

- Retrieve employee records and benefits information at the click of a button

- Set single occurrence or recurring reminders so you don’t miss important dates

- Access personnel records from multiple computers (requires a Multi-User license)

- Keep employee information in a centralized location

- Improve communication with staff using pre-written letters, checklists, and templates

- Reduce legal exposure

- Save time

- Monitor changes to employee records with the Audit Trail (Pro Edition Only)

- Create HR documents using hundreds of pre-written templates (Pro Edition Only)

HR Document Maker
Category: Document Management Software
HR Document Maker is the easiest way to create professional HR documents! HR Document Maker puts a complete library of professional HR documents and templates at your fingertips, which you can quickly edit and customize. This is the easiest way to write an employee handbook, office policies, job descriptions, HR forms and checklists. You can also print your IRS forms and U.S. Department of Labor posters. HR Document Maker is fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-use. Pricing starts at only $195.

Why HR Document Maker?

- Use pre-written text in all office policies, employee handbooks, and HR forms

- "How to Write a Policy Manual" e-book available to use as a guide

- Create and organize documents for multiple companies

- Import your own unique templates

- Works with Microsoft Word for ease of use

HasOffers Free Affiliate Network Software
Category: Affiliate Software
Start your own Affiliate Network, unique to your brand, and with all of the functionality, usability, and support needed for your advertisers and affiliates to thrive.

HasOffers is the first white label affiliate network software that gives you total control, with powerful technology, complete customization, and no startup costs or monthly fees.

Your affiliates experience full control of offers, organizing and optimizing them for success. Features like offer privatizing, friendly tracking URLs, and real time reporting will give your affiliates the edge they need to effectively manage successful offers.

Empower advertisers in your network to take control of their promotions, ensuring long-term success. HasOffers supplies your Advertisers with a robust set of features, enabling them to manage offers and track performance in real-time.

HasOffers provides a complete suite of tools for building an affiliate network. This powerful white label software makes assigning accounts to mangers and assistants, creating custom payouts, monitoring campaigns, and communicating with affiliates quick and simple.

Contract Analyst
Category: Document Management Software
Solid, Proven, and Reliable - Contract Analyst is a comprehensive, flexible, full-featured, and intuitive Contracts Management System. It features step-by-step procedures to guide you through the full contracting process; from initial analysis to awarding and managing the contract. Features include a built-in ad hoc report writer, e-mail notifications, security groups, one full year of support, total user-customization, and realistic pricing. Free on-line demo and trial version available.

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