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Customer Service

Customer Surveys: The 3 Best Ways to Follow up with Respondents

Think back to the last time you completed an online customer survey. You probably filled it out, never heard back from anyone, and forgot about it. That’s a wasted opportunity for the company. Click here to read the full article…

9 Advantages of Keeping Up To Date With Your Customers

Not taking action to strengthen your relationships can cost your business big time so here are 9 advantages of being proactive to keep learning about your customers. Even if you are having a great time now with loads of work, making time to know them better helps you to not have to face the lean times in the future.

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Customer Loyalty Programs Bring Long-Term Sales

What’s a loyal customer worth to you in a year? How about two years, or five, or even longer? Nearly 80 percent of marketers are committed to maintaining or growing their loyalty programs as primary customer retention and relationship building tactics, according to a recent report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. And loyalty program members constitute the best and most profitable customers.

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