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Top 10 Tips for Sales: How to Generate More Leads

Sales is a tough job. You need to know your product. You need to know your customer. You need to convince them how you can meet their needs with your product. 

And apparently, to be successful, you should get up early. 76% of successful salespeople are early risers. 

So, if you are an early riser and you know your product, the next step to success is finding those customers. 

Read on to learn some tips for sales and finding the leads you need to complete the sale. 

1. Know Your Audience and Do Your Homework

When you find yourself in front of a potential customer, you need to have done your homework about them. What jobs do they have coming down the pike?

Anticipate their needs by knowing about them before you are standing in front of them. Then show them how you can meet those needs. 

2. Plan on Multiple Contacts

You might think I have tried to see this customer and can’t get in the door. The truth is you need to keep trying. 

Some estimates say it may take up to 15 tries to get an appointment to meet with a prospective customer. Just because you couldn’t get in the door the first time, or second or third, keep going back and trying.

3. Revisit Closed and Lost Clients

If they were once a customer, they can be again. 

Pull out that list of closed accounts. Investigate what happened with this customer. Then go back and try to land them again. 

Maybe that had a previously bad experience. Show them how if they give you another shot, it will be better. 

4. Consider How You Sound

Pay attention to how you sound to customers. Practice your pitch. Practice the voice message you leave. 

Call yourself and leave your voice pitch. Then listen to it and evaluate how you can make it more appealing to the person who hears it. 

If you are struggling to get past the receptionist, you might be using the wrong approach. 

5. Network and Use Referrals

Don’t be shy about talking to satisfied clients. Ask them for referrals that you can follow to get more customers. 

Network with others in your company and industry to find more opportunities. to get leads. Take advantage of the ‘hey, I know a guy who…’ You never know when that person can turn into your next big customer. 

6. Promote Yourself Through Social Media

We are a technology-driven society. People are on their social media accounts all the time. 

Take advantage of that avenue of prospective customers by using social media to interact with potential customers. Show them on your platforms what you do and how well you do it, 

7.  Show Customers How You Can Help Them

Let’s face it, work can be fraught with hassles and headaches. Don’t walk through the door only thinking about making the sale. 

Walk through the door with the intent to show a customer how you can help them. If you help them to solve problems, they are going to like you and want to use your product and services. 

8. Create an Email Newsletter 

Stay connected to your customers by sending them regular email newsletters. It allows you to promote your product. It reminds the customer you exist. 

The newsletter helps to foster the relationship between you and your customer. 

9.  Take Time for Prospecting

This is a tough one and most salespeople don’t like to take time to do it. You want to focus on your busy day taking care of the customers you already have. 

But you need to set aside time regularly to do prospecting. You need to consistently look for new clients to add to your existing customer base. 

10. Seek Help From Professionals

Don’t be afraid to seek help in finding those sales leads. There are companies that can work with you to help you build your client base. 

Companies like this specialize in sales acceleration resources to help you grow your business and your sales. 

Tips For Sales Leads to Follow

Part of being in sales is knowing how to handle the hustle. Use these tips for sales to grow your customer base and increase your business’s growth. 

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