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Lead Generation Techniques: 7 Tips to Improve Your Strategy

Marketing is the key to business success. Need proof? Look at the monstrous marketing budgets large-scale businesses have these days. 

For instance, $118 billion will be spent on digital marketing alone by 2021. Businesses wouldn’t spend that much money on anything that wasn’t worth it.

The proof is in the proverbial pudding though. You have to get results to justify those budgets.

Now, a lot goes into successful marketing, but lead generation will forever be a pivotal component. The effectiveness of lead generation techniques is fundamental to a business’s marketing ROI.

We’re assuming you want to know how to better those numbers. Looking for some top lead gen advice? Read on for 7 key tips to help drive more leads your way.

1. Know Your Customer

Drive more leads by better understanding your ideal customer profile.

How does this help?

Well, marketing without this insight is like shooting from the hip…in the dark. You don’t know who they are, which means you don’t know what they want.

Buying a bouquet of flowers for your partner is easier because you (should) know what they like, right? Buying for a stranger leaves far more room for error- they might not even like flowers!

Cultivate a customer avatar and use data from previous marketing efforts to validate your assumptions. In so doing, You get a better chance of creating an offer your target customer wants to see, hear, and buy.

More leads come your way as a result.

Need help? These experts know a thing or two about lead gen.

2. Create Valuable Content

Content marketing remains an invaluable tool in any lead generation endeavor.

Now, the type of content that succeeds has changed slightly. We all know that video’s in pole position; podcasts are a rising star, and blogs remain an old dog that still works a treat.

In some ways, the exact content matters less than its quality.

Value must be at the core of content marketing lead gen strategies. Write articles that solve problems, create engaging and well-edited videos that stimulate interest; record compelling podcasts that you can’t help but listen to.

Value translates to customer gratitude and trust.

Not only is it a fundamental part of the user experience, but it’s also key to effective SEO. Higher value content ranks higher in search and is enjoyed more by users. Those two work together to drive leads your way.

The message is simple: drive leads with high-value SEO content.

3. Grow Your Brand

Your brand is how people talk about you when you aren’t in the room.

It’s your badge and uniform- the image and reputation that precedes your business. It’s impossible to overstate its importance in driving exposure, leads, and conversions.

The situation boils down to this: well-known and favored brands succeed where others don’t.

For that reason, your business must prioritize its brand when trying to generate leads. When content and marketing efforts are on-brand, reach and engagement goes up.

Newfound leads are a natural outcome of that process. Grow your brand, market with it in mind, and you’ll enjoy a newfound interest in the business.

4. Leverage Social Media

Billions of people are on social media these days.

That makes it fundamental to the success of your marketing endeavors. But you know that already. The real trick is to use it to its full potential.

This takes time, effort, and significant amounts of testing. You need to pick a platform (based on your audience) and get to know it like the back of your business hand, leveraging the built-in analytics to help.

Aim to understand:

  • The type of content that works best,
  • How often you should post,
  • The time your audience is online,
  • The copy they respond best to, and
  • How to target ads more effectively.

Master those basic elements and you’ll see far greater engagement with social ads, which will also work wonders for expanding your brand. All told, more leads will start knocking on the door.

5. Improve Your Website

You can’t afford to run a rubbish website.

Think about how many eyes are online these days.

Make the most of the traffic that ends up on your site. You’ll lose leads if it performs and loads slowly; those losses will increase if it’s also awkward, ugly and downright difficult to navigate.

Everything should be sleek, simple and intuitive to use.

You want to hone down on the processes people take to sign up, subscribe, or opt-in. The easier it is to do, the better. Remove fields from forms and reduce the steps required.

Think about Amazon.

Customers can literally buy what they want in one click! There’s no chance to stop and change their mind and no annoying waiting around. High conversions are a natural result. Aim for the same standard on your site.

6. Improve Calls to Action

Here’s another key piece of digital marketing advice:

Include calls to action!

Think of your audience as sheep. You’re the shepherd.

You have to guide, shovel and funnel them where you want them to go. Don’t, and they’ll all just run around and do their own thing.

Calls to action act as your trusted sheepdog. When your users are unsure of what to do, it’s there to direct them according to your needs.

It tells them to buy, comment, subscribe, opt-in, sign up, and come back for more. That’s all essential in your ongoing bid for new leads.

7. Run a Contest

Contests are unlikely to be at the forefront of your lead gen strategies.

But it’s hard to deny their value in driving new leads your way. They’re a useful addition to the overall marketing strategy. Holding a contest can drive thousands of new people in your direction.

You can (almost) guarantee that some of them will convert into leads. Even better, a proportion of those will convert into sales.

Contests go hand in hand with social media too. These platforms provide the perfect means of promoting a contest to interested individuals.

Sort out a prize, set up a compelling landing page (with a video on it!), advertise the contest on social, and watch the leads roll in.    

Time to Try These Lead Generation Techniques

Businesses spend billions on marketing every year.

It’s clearly of immense value to success.

Lead generation techniques will forever be at the heart of successful marketing endeavors. A lack of leads amounts means less chance to convert, which hinders revenue generation and business growth as a result. 

As such, knowing how to attract new leads is a major boon that will maximize your marketing ROI.

Hopefully, this post will help you do it more effectively.

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