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The Ten Commandments of Mortgage Marketing

More than 60% of homes in the United States still have a mortgage to clear.  While about 37% of family homes in the United States have since cleared their mortgages, the demand for home financing is still relatively high. More Americans are keener on owning their first and second homes today as the home ownership […]

How to Design Your Real Estate Website to Go From Listings to Leads

44% of interested homebuyers check online for available properties. If you have a real estate website, it needs to do more than simply relay information. It needs to wow your visitors so you can turn those leads into potential clients.  Here are 10 real estate website times that can help you go from listings to leads! With […]

From Room to Floor: Your Complete Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist

There is a lot more to maintaining a building than making sure you keep it clean. There are a lot of moving parts. One small problem can turn into a giant hassle that can leave you with repairs that break the bank. The good news is that there are some preventative tasks you can do […]

7 Awesome Marketing Ideas Every Real Estate Agent Has to Know

Strategic marketing for real estate agents helps to attract an audience. A strong marketing plan gives you the benefit to reach potential clients and to grow your business.  Without the use of the right marketing techniques, you have more difficulty advertising real estate and finding new leads. Consider these 7 tips to make the most […]

How to Sell Commercial Property as Fast as Possible: The Best Tips

Are you flipping a commercial property? Alternatively, have you outgrown your current business space and you need to sell it?  Regardless of why you want to sell commercial property, we’re guessing you want to sell it fast. No property owner wants to sit on a vacant property for months waiting for a buyer to commit to […]

Top 4 Reasons to Become a Mortgage Specialist Right Now

With trillions of dollars in mortgages, you might think that becoming a mortgage specialist is a good idea. People obviously need homes and those homes need mortgages, but what other reason might you want to step into the mortgage arena? Whether you already work in a closely related field or if you’re coming from a […]

A Landlord’s Headache: How to Legally Deal With Terrible Tenants in the US

Can you imagine having a tenant cost you thousands of dollars? Sadly, this was the case for Frank, a landlord of over 20 years. Unable to reach his tenants about their late rent payment, Frank came by to check up on the property. Pulling into the driveway, it was instantly obvious that something was very wrong. […]

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate: Your Complete Guide

Are you interested in learning how to invest in commercial real estate? You’ve come to the right place. Use these tips to help you get started with your commercial real estate investing endeavors. How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate: Start Here Whether you consider yourself one of the St. Albert businesses interested in expanding […]

How to Move: Top 5 Things to Do Before Moving to a New City

On average, people in the US will move over 11 times in their lifetime. So, odds are you’ll wind up moving to a new city at some point. That means you’re going to need to learn how to move. Whether you’re moving for work or a change of scene, the process of packing up your entire […]

5 Useful SEO Tips On Ranking For Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents

In all industries and every market, today’s consumers are relying more and more on the internet to determine their buying decisions. While people are using the web to make everyday purchases, they’re also shopping for homes and properties, too. In fact, in a recently published report by NAR shows that 93% of homebuyers cite an […]