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Summer Opportunities
June 01, 2006

Well, the kids are out of school officially here as of last Wednesday. It is hard to believe the school year is over. It felt like it was just Christmas yesterday but the weather is telling me that was long ago because it has been hot (except for now, it is actually raining, yeah).

If you have a home-based business, life has definitely changed for you. I am sure your routine is totally out of whack and you are scrambling to figure a new temporary one for the summer vacation. Keeping your kiddos busy and out of your hair is a job all by itself sometimes.

Many businesses are born from the need to keep those children occupied during these times. I have seen many signs along the roadside for camps for kids, like basketball, drama, art, science and so many more. Some are teachers working together to provide these opportunities. But many are established businesses or new ones that provide these type of recreational/educational camps for kids during the summer and after school. There are many businesses that teach reading and math during the summer months to keep children's skills fresh and to be ready for the next school year. These businesses are providing a service at a needed time and are making an income and this could be a great business idea for you.

Many retail businesses have a place for children to play while mom shops. For instance, there is a new scrapbooking store around the corner from my house. They offer some toys for the children to play with while their moms shop. I also saw a small clothing shop that had a television with v.c.r. showing movies for kids all the time. These are great incentives to get you to shop if you have children. Most moms don't want to go shopping with their children because it is just too stressful. These stores always have many cars in front of them and probably wouldn't have as many if it didn't offer something for the kids during the summer months.

I have received emails from friends that have lists of restaurants showing the days and times when kids eat free which is a great marketing tactic. Also, on the last day of school, the kids came home with coupons for a free kids meal from all kinds of different restaurants. Another great way to bring customers in, especially if you are new and trying to get some attention to your new business.

From the hot summer days, a business could be born or a good marketing tactic to bring the parents and their kids to buy from you.

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