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How About a Flea Market??
April 06, 2006

A couple of weekends ago I went to a big flea market here in Houston that is only open on the weekends called Traders Village. It is full of many different kinds of vendors. There was everything from pet supplies to auto parts, plants, clothes, perfumes to you name it, it is there. They also have food, live music, a few carnival rides (keeps those kiddos happy) and even a few bars (nice and cold brew).

This would be a great place to get your feet wet (so to speak) if you wanted to get a start on your own business. At Traders Village, you can rent a space in the open area that is marked off on a cement slab under a tall canopy (got to have that, it is doggone hot here). Or you can rent little stores in different sizes that come complete with walls, windows and a door.

Let me tell you, that place is packed on the weekends so it would be a good opportunity to test the waters. Traders village operates in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas. I didn't forget about the rest of you guys. Check out the Flea Market Guide which lists all the flea market opportunities in your area.

If you happen to have a flea market close enough for you, you might want to give it a shot. You just never know.

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