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The Dog Daycare Equipment You Need to Get Started

Almost 70% of households in America have at least one four-legged family member, so its no surprise that pets are big business.

The pet care industry in the USA is worth approximately $86 billion and continues to grow at a rate of around 5% per year.

Pet owners love to spoil their animals with toys, treats and premium foods, but they also pay a lot of attention to the emotional needs of their pets.

As such, doggy day-care is an important consideration for some pet owners who can’t bear to think of their dog all alone at home while they’re at work. That’s why a doggy daycare center can be your ticket to fun-filled days and big profits.

Here’s all the dog daycare equipment you need to get started.

1. Suitable Premises

The very first item on your list of boarding kennel equipment is the space to do it in. You need a site that’s convenient for your customers on their way to and from work. 

Look for a place that’s close to major roads leading to and from business centers. Avoid residential areas – excessive barking could annoy your neighbors. 

You’ll need plenty of space for your charges to play, somewhere for them to shelter from the elements, and access to clean, fresh water.

Naturally, you’ll need kennels to keep the dogs under control when they’re not enjoying outside time. If the premises you like don’t have kennels already, you’ll need to build them. 

It is important to get approvals from the appropriate zoning department before you buy or lease your premises, or make any alterations. 

2. Marketing Assets

Do some market research beforehand. Can you compete with kennels in the area? Find out what your competition’s services and prices are.

When you’ve found a way to beat the opposition or a location where there is high-demand and little competition, put a local marketing strategy in place.

You’ll need signage to advertise your whereabouts, a website to showcase your services, and social media campaigns to promote yourself.

3. Dog Daycare Equipment Basics

Most of the dog daycare supplies you need involve cleaning. Dogs make a huge mess – and fast. 

It is important to keep your kennels, kitchen area and play areas spic and span to prevent the spread of parasites and disease between the dogs.

No pet owner is going to leave their best friend in a dirty, disorganized place.

A few of the basics for cleaning include:

  • Mops, buckets, cloths, dustpans, and brooms
  • Kennel disinfectant and window cleaner
  • A poop scoop and bags
  • A trash can with a lid for disposing of solid waste
  • A Deep sink for washing bowls and scoops
  • A washing machine, dryer, and detergent for bedding

You will need to sweep several times a day and disinfect everything daily to keep your premises free of doggy odors and hair. 

If you can’t keep up the pace, you should employ someone to attend to cleaning. 

4. Air Conditioning and Dehumidifier

You need to keep your kennels at a constant temperature that is comfortable for dogs. The optimum is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit

An air purifier is essential to keep the air in your kennels fresh and hygienic. It will remove pet dander and doggy smells from the air and kill any harmful bacteria that drift by. 

If you offer pet grooming services as part of the package, a dehumidifier removes the extra moisture released into the air by drying dogs. 

5. Pet Paraphernalia

Once you’ve got the basics in place, you’ll need some items to ensure a comfortable stay for your furry guests. 

Various sizes of pet crates are essential for keeping dogs confined when necessary. The different dog breeds need crates with specific dimensions, compare here.  

Each dog should have their own bowl, collar, brushes, and leash. Buy new equipment for each new dog. If one dog leaves, thoroughly disinfect any items that you wish to re-use. 

Should the pet owner want to provide their own doggy essentials, disinfect these items before you use them. 

Store each animal’s doggie daycare equipment in individually labeled crates to avoid confusion.

If a dog has any specific medications, you can keep these here too.

It’s important to have a supply of tick, flea and fly control powders, sprays and drops.

A first aid kit for dogs is a must.

A muzzle is important for restraining highly-strung dogs in need of veterinary treatment. Get a few different sizes.

To save on costs, it’s best to buy all your supplies from a reputable dog daycare supplies wholesale store.

Save your veterinarian’s number on your mobile phone and have the number clearly displayed next to your landline phone.

6. Record Keeping System

A pet care center app is important for keeping track of everything.

You need to store copies of the dog’s veterinary records, your contracts, and payroll.

Storing your documentation online is a good way to save on overhead costs, storage space, stationery, and time. It’s also better for the environment.

The Bells and Whistles

Nowadays, top dog boarding kennels offer a host of extra services that are attractive to clients. 

These include regular baths as part of the package and daily grooming. Some even offer splash pools and agility courses for the dog’s enjoyment. 

Hollywood-style dog daycare centers provide individual suites for their borders with human beds and webcams, to that their owners can check in on them 24-hours a day.

If you want to offer these high-end services, you should make sure that there is a demand for them in your area first.

Are you Ready to Start a Doggy Day Care?

It’s obvious that there’s a lot more involved in a dog boarding or daycare facility than inviting people to let their pets stay at your house for the day.

Just like any other small business, you’ll need licenses, insurance, funding and more. On top that, there’s the dog daycare equipment, space, specialized personnel, and time to consider. 

If you think this is a good option for you, keep reading our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on how to achieve small business success.