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Raising Chickens for Dummies: Getting Started

If you’re hoping to add some chickens to your family, you’ll want to do some prep work first. When you know how to raise chickens for eggs, you gain a fun hobby and nutritious food. But you need to create a comfortable space and delegate responsibilities.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn about raising chickens for dummies!

Look at Different Breeds

Do you live in a cold climate or a warm one? Will you be involving your kids in the process of raising chickens? Consider your needs and then look at the breeds!

Families may enjoy having Cochins due to their gentle personalities. Turn to Easter Egg Chickens for multi-colored eggs that will be a lovely addition to your flock. And go with a Cornish Cross or Buff Orpington for a good meat chicken.

Gather the Right Supplies for Your Chickens

Your chickens will need access to water and food that’s appropriate for their age. You may need a heat lamp, bedding, and nesting box, too.

Find the right food for your type of birds. If you’re raising them for meat, you’ll want a high-protein blend, while chicks may need a medicated feed. Click here for more information on how to choose the right option.

Raising Chickens for Dummies Means Building Chicken Coops

You’ll need to buy or build a chicken coop! You can build your own using cheap materials like plywood. You can find easy designs online — and you should find one that fits in your designated space.

As another option, you can buy a used coop online. If you have four chickens, plan on having enough space for two nesting boxes and a few feet of space per chicken. When you don’t leave enough space for the chickens to run, they may fight and injure each other.

Don’t Overlook the Weather

While many chickens can tolerate cold temperatures, you may need to make accommodations. This is particularly true if you live in an area with extreme subzero temperatures. Knowing how to raise chickens in winter means finding heat lamps and providing extra insulation for the coop.

Also, check that your chickens have enough fresh air circulating through their space. If they don’t have enough fresh air, they may develop lung problems.

Know What Challenges to Expect

Knowing about raising chickens for dummies also includes understanding the potential issues. Backyard intruders may try to kill your chickens, and you’ll have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Additionally, chickens are prone to getting diseases and transferring bacteria, like Campylobacter

Find a veterinarian with experience handling chickens. Clean all equipment you use to handle the chickens in an outdoor space. And wash your hands thoroughly after handling them!

Explore Raising Chickens for Beginners

When it comes to raising chickens for beginners, it’s critical to start with planning and research. Determine why you want chickens — and where you can safely house them. Set up a chicken coop and work with your family to distribute responsibilities!

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