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Becoming the Cat’s Meow: How to Promote Your Pet Shop to the Masses

Marketing to the masses is hard if you aren’t sure how to engage your audience.  

Whether you’re using web-based articles like blogs, social media, or other avenues, telling the world what your pet shop is all about might seem like a challenge.  

You can master the art of driving business to your store. Start with these basic tips, and work your way into the marketing world.

Market Your Pet Shop On the Web

Posting the right SEO content will go a long way to making your website a popular destination. The higher you show up on search engine listings when people search for stores and products like yours, the more traffic your site will have. 

Blogging is an important way to get customers to your site. The most important part of blogging is providing regular posts to show search engines that you are changing the site with frequency. 

You might also try guest posts. Writing an article for your blog that links to another site may seem a little counter-intuitive, but the idea is that both sites will drive traffic to the article. You’ll each get a boost from the post, rather than dividing the attention.

Guest posting is also a way to provide reliable resources for your customers, instead of choosing a random link you found in a search.

Market Your Pet Shop On Social Media

Use the advertising tools that are part of each social media platform. Facebook’s ads features are great for reaching a specific targeted demographic. They are able to get the attention of customers you might not be sure how to reach. 

You can also encourage your customers to engage with your business on social media more often, which will bump you into more people’s feeds. One way is to host giveaways and contests. 

People love to talk about their pets. Ask them to post funny pictures of their cat or dog or other pet, and then choose a winner. Or ask permission to post one of the funniest photos and host a contest to create the best caption.

You can also take steps to post more relevant material, not only sales-y posts and self-promotion. 

People want to know that you care about them. For example, posting a helpful link to a website that helps with issues for customers’ dogs is a great way to provide relevance and show your concern. 

Don’t get distracted or spend time surfing. When you log on to your social media account this can happen fast. Set a timer to interrupt yourself every few minutes if you need to because staying on track is the only way to use your time well.

Market Your Pet Shop Using Print and Other Advertising

Using printed promotional material isn’t archaic. It’s a great tool to use in conjunction with online marketing. In fact, flyers and other physical sheets are better for reaching local audiences.

You can also market your pet shop at business networking events, set up a table at expos, and send email blasts. These are just a few ways to convert leads into paying customers.

The Cat’s Meow

Your pet shop’s poised for customers to love spending their time and money with you. Paying customers are the ones who love your shop and know you care. 

Using SEO and blog articles, social media platforms, and print or personal promotions are all great ways to engage your audience and draw them in for a visit.

For other marketing ideas for your pet shop or other small business, read more of our blog.