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Quality Care: How to Run a Nursing Home Successfully

In the United States, there are about 15,600 nursing homes. Do you own one of these nursing homes? Maybe you’re considering opening or operating one of these facilities. Like any business, operating a nursing home comes with its own challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or novice administrator, you must learn all you can about […]

5 Easy Assisted Living Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Are you in the assisted living business? If so, you already understand that it’s an industry filled with plenty of challenges. Among these is learning to effectively market your assisted living facility. As with any other industry, assisted living marketing isn’t easy. And yet it’s not impossible. All you need are a few helpful tips […]

Saving Lives and Logging Hours: Are You Required to Provide Training for CPR at the Office

This year alone, about 10,000 Americans will go into cardiac arrest while at work. Performing CPR right after a person’s heart stops can triple their odds of surviving the event. However, over half of U.S. workers are unable to receive CPR training from their employer.   Are you wondering whether you need to train your employees to […]

Growing Your Community: Marketing Tips for Your Assisted Living Facility

Appealing to older people is difficult since most of your marketing needs to be in-person. And in-person marketing is expensive. So what can you do to make sure your advertising money is being well spent both on and offline? You need to be strategic and spend your money with a plan. Don’t know how to […]

Word of Mouth in 2019: A Guide to Medical Marketing and Media to Get New Patients, Tomorrow

Medical marketing and media are complete mysteries for medical professionals. Doctors can understand the complex nature of the human body, but when it comes to marketing, forget it. Medical marketing is the main component to creating a practice where referrals and repeat patients aren’t your sole source of revenue. Would you like to learn some […]

The Reality of Managing an Assisted Living Home

It turns out that there are millions of seniors who are suffering from depression at any given time, which can be helped or caused by their living situation. When you’re running an assisted living home, the reality is that you could be making life better or worse for the seniors at your facility. When you listen […]

Shocking Elderly Abuse Stats Every Nursing Home Manager Must Know

Nursing home managers have a responsibility to protect and care for our elderly in a humane, respectful and dignifying manner. Unfortunately, not every manager feels that way, and not every home is a safe place for our loved ones. If you’re a nursing home manager, you need to be aware of the incredible statistics that […]

Medicinal Gardening 101: 8 Herbs Alternative Medical Providers Should Be Growing

Are you an alternative medical provider? Do you rely on the healing powers of herbs to treat your patients or customers? If so, you might be interested in enhancing your herbal arsenal.  Ready to ramp up your medicinal gardening efforts? Read on! We’re going to discuss the merits of 8 medicinal herbs that you should be growing.  […]

5 Tips for Marketing Your New CBD Business

The CBD market will become a $63 billion business by 2024. Legal restrictions are loosening around CBD all over the US, which makes it a prime time to invest in your own CBD company.  Marketing for a CBD business can be tricky, however. Since it is not recognized to treat or cure any ailment by […]

Smooth Senior Sailing: 9 Marketing Ideas for Nursing Homes You Probably Haven’t Thought Of Yet

If you own or operate a nursing home, your primary focus is on providing superior care and security to your residents and their families. But if you also want your facility to grow as a business, you’ll need to work on your marketing efforts. And the most effective marketing ideas for nursing homes are ones you’ve […]