5 Reasons Why a Google Adwords Agency Can Boost Your Business

Many focus on SEO to get organic traffic, which many mistakes to be more valuable than paid traffic. While traffic coming from the SERP is “free,” it doesn’t mean that the traffic from your paid ads generates less profit.

In actuality, PPC visitors are around 50% more likely to convert than organic traffic. In most cases, it doesn’t matter to them whether the search result is an ad or not. If it’s relevant to their search, they’ll click it.

It’s not fair to compare SEO and AdWords like this. Still, you should have a Google AdWords agency to help you with your ads.

Check out why you should consider it.

1. You Get Instant Results

An AdWords campaign can give you results faster than other types of marketing. In SEO, for instance, it can take a few months before you see an increase in traffic, sales, or conversions.

You have to use the right keywords, create great quality content, build backlinks, and so on. Although it’s useful for long-term success, you won’t know if the campaign is working or not for months.

An AdWords campaign, on the other hand, can get you the top spots right away. This gives you instant visibility in searches. A website relying only on SEO would struggle to gain the same amount of visibility for months.

This gives you the possibility to earn some money in an instant. Not only that, but you can also determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Marketers will have instant data once the ads go live. They’ll be able to see how many people are clicking it, what device they’re using, and other data. They’ll see right away if the visitors are converting or not.

2. Remarketing Is Easy With AdWords

Some people will find out about you through any means, visit your website, maybe browse a few pages, and then leave without doing anything substantial. They won’t do your desired action, like filling up a form, buying, or contacting you. 

While they didn’t turn into a customer, you still have a chance by remarketing to them. And, this is easy to do with Google AdWords. 

Advertisers can create a remarketing list to target the website’s previous visitors. They can also create suppression lists. These lists remove those who have already converted from your remarketing campaign’s target audience.

You can do remarketing on both display and search networks. Remarketing on display networks will get your ad to show up as banner ads on other websites. Seeing the ad may then remind the user to finish the transaction or at the least, give you another look.

Remarketing on the search network is pretty much the same, although your ad will show up in searches.

One additional step required is to add keywords. This allows Google to match your ad to the users in your remarketing lists who use those keywords.

3. It Has Measurable Performance

AdWords provides an easy opportunity to calculate ROI and measure the campaign’s performance. This is something traditional media can’t compare to. It’s hard to determine where your leads are coming from, how many people the campaign reached, and more with ads on newspapers, billboards, TV, and such.

In AdWords, you get a pretty good idea of the ad’s performance. You’ll know how many people saw the ad, how many clicked on it, how many leads it generated, and how much it cost you per lead. 

However, you have to know how to read the data to know what they mean. A Google AdWords agency can help you with this as they know which metrics to use when calculating the ROI. They’re also the ones that will know what to do to improve them.

4. Your Agency Can Get More Data

Aside from the data above, you can get more data from a campaign that you can use not only for measuring its success but for creating better ads and tweaking your site, as well.

Some examples of the metrics that will become available via Google Analytics to you are:

  • the bounce rate
  • devices used
  • how many pages they visited
  • how long they stayed on the page
  • and many more.

Advertisers can use these to reformulate the campaign or as a reference for another. They would take a high bounce rate, for instance, to mean that the landing page isn’t working. With that information, they can tweak it and then track the results to see if they get to make the visitor stay and convert this time.

An AdWords agency can also check what devices the visitors are using. Knowing this will enable them to possibly do another campaign for the popular device to further target this demographic or the less popular one to increase the traffic coming from it.

Figuring out the right step to take next based on data is also an important skill.

5. Google AdWords Can Work With Any Budget

With Google AdWords, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The actual cost depends on your bid and the popularity of the keyword, so it will vary per keyword. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about going over budget. You can set a maximum cost for each campaign. When you hit that, the ad will no longer show. 

It’s scalable as it allows you to decrease or increase your budget as you see fit. 

The trick is knowing how much to allot for your campaigns, though. An AdWords agency can help you with budgeting. They can go over through their tried-and-tested formulas to find out the right amount for your ads. 

They can then compute if the ad is giving a high return. If not, they can decide whether to improve it or reassign the budget elsewhere.

Get the Right Google AdWords Agency for You

AdWords can boost your business and help you make your way toward your goals, but only if you hire the right company. A reliable Google AdWords Agency can give you the results you want and more.

But why stop here when there are more digital marketing techniques and strategies to discover? Learn more by reading our other guides right here, right now!

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