Facebook Call to Action Button: What Is It? How It Can Be Successful

There’s no denying the value of Facebook when it comes to business. Social media brings your brand message to your audience. This gives more chances for conversion on your side.

Facebook is the top platform for B2B and B2C businesses, with 89% of B2B and 98% of B2C trusting the platform.

If you notice, there are a few new buttons on Facebook. These help businesses entice customers better. These are in the pages, which look like the Facebook sign up button.

The new Facebook Call To Action button is what you need for your business page.

What is it though? How does it work? How do you add a button to a Facebook page?

Don’t know how to take advantage of this feature? Here’s how you do it to get results.

What Is the Facebook Sign Up Button?

Facebook has always been pro-business. They always try to foster good competition and help you optimize your setup. Of all the useful things on Facebook, your business pages are vital in creating ways to interact.

With this in mind, the tech giant added the call to action button on their pages in 2014. While it’s not a new improvement, it’s a fresh addition. It’s only recently that businesses start to try and use it for its potential.

Facebook Call to Action options add up to get people to focus on the site’s best objectives. Whether it’s to help with booking or play a game, Facebook new buttons will help connect your page to any destination.

In many websites, the call to action button comes with the fields we know as web forms. In every web form, the CTA button comes as a way to help urge the customer. This button, which contrasts the form style most of the time, is how people convert to your sign-ups.

As an example, if you have sell buttons for marketing, you can use these new buttons on Facebook to send them to your site. Check it out and find out more.

You can send people to different destinations, depending on the type of business you have. Send them to your home page, landing page, and even blog page. It’s all up to you.

What Are the Facebook Call to Action Options?

There are seven types of new buttons on Facebook that you can use as Facebook Call to Action options. These are:

  • Book Now
  • Play Game
  • Talk to Us/Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Shop Now
  • Register/Sign Up
  • Watch/View Video

CTA messages in your buttons differ depending on your business needs. Usage of these will depend on your business objectives. Your usage of the Facebook sign up button will be different from another business’ use of it.

These may come from anything like customer acquisition efforts to increase sales and conversion.

How Do You Add the CTA Button to a Facebook Page?

If you want to add call-to-action button to Facebook page, here’s how you do it.

The first thing you do is go to your page and click the +Add a Button below your cover photo.

Select the type of Facebook new buttons you want to add and follow the instructions you see on screen.

Click Finish.

If you want to test your new button, all you need is hover and press “Test Button.”

What Are the Advantages of These New Buttons on Facebook?

If you’re considering if the add-on is, in any form, useful, here’s the thing. Page admins should see by now how bad the organic reach has become.

The organic reach for Facebook has dropped by 60 percent, from 16% reach to 6.5% reach in 2014. Now, many pages below 500,000 likes get only as much as 2% organic reach.

To make Facebook viable, you would need to use social boosting and paid ads to get people reading your page.

The branding is dead. Pages are having a hard time getting people to link back to their preferred sites.

With the addition of new buttons on Facebook, page admins can now send their people straight to their pages or websites. This works on both mobile and desktop as well.

Why You Should Bother

Why should you care? That’s because you can now make posts that don’t have too many outbound links. This makes your post cleaner, and your branding better with your Facebook sign up button.

Facebook new buttons are useful but straightforward in design. If you have any experience in marketing, you know that having a strong call to action is crucial. It does all the difference when your customer is on the fence about converting.

We know for a fact that creatives with call to actions always come out on top. In A/B testing, it’s rare to see ads that work without a CTA. If you can add your own CTA to your FB page, then you should be good to go.

How Do I Use Facebook’s New Buttons?

We need to remember that if you’re doing a campaign, you should have a set objective for it. If you add a button to Facebook page, there are a few goals that you may want.

The different buttons have different uses, depending on your needs on your campaign.

The Book Now button is useful for businesses with bookings and appointments. These include hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.

Having the Contact Us button means you want to communicate with potential customers. Among Facebook call to action options, you would want to add this to your contacts page on your site.

Use App is useful for pages with a mobile app that drives users to download from your store page.

Play Game lets you run your Facebook game straight out of the website. You can play here or even demo the game with an FB account.

Shop Now is perfect for sellers and ecommerce site owners, while Sign Up is for email and product subscriptions.

Watch Video is useful if you want to show a demo or a marketing reel of your product to entice customers.

Why You Need the Facebook Call to Action Button

Facebook is helpful for your business if you can get it to work in your favor. Optimizing your pages with the Facebook Call To Action button is a great way to drive your audience to your website.

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