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7 PR Tips That’ll Transform Your Brand

All in all the world economy is buoyant. That combined with eased relations between China and the US means that many people are taking a positive view of the economy’s future. What is your view?

It is perhaps no surprise to learn that PR businesses have grown about 30 percent per year over the past 5 years. On the one hand that is excellent news as it demonstrates the value of marketing, but on the other hand, it means the market place is more competitive.

In this article, we will give you 7 PR tips that’ll transform your brand so that you are more visible and competitive than ever before.

1. What to Pitch and to Whom

Knowing your audience is the golden rule of marketing. Who is your product aimed at? What is their approximate income? What is their age range? 

What types of media do these people consume the most? 

If you do not know the answers to these questions you are working blind. When you develop your PR material you will need to use a ‘voice’ that is sympathetic to your target audience.

If your primary clients are other businesses then you need to use a formal tone and give them the kind of information you would want as a business. If your customer base is younger people, then you need to use a more informal tone that resonates with how young people communicate. 

If that is a challenge then employ someone younger to write your PR material. You can always edit and change afterward, but capturing the right tone is essential. 

2. Perform on the Right Stage

This is about using the right platform. It is of no benefit in developing your PR strategy to target email when your client base is not interested in email advertising. 

You need to use the right platform or channel for your audience. That maybe television, radio, or the internet. Even within the internet, there are many choices. 

Trade shows and press releases are also good options but you need to make sure these channels are reaching their intended audience.

3. Collaborate and Share

Real marketing value is based on how people view your brand. The more you collaborate with others and share success, the wider the reach and penetration of your brand.

How can you achieve that?

You can consider interviewing other related industry leaders on your blog. This cross-fertilization will increase your digital footprint and the credibility of your website and brand. 

This strategy will also help your ‘link building’ with other credible websites. The more synergistic your product and website becomes, the more value it will have in the eyes of search engines like Google.

4. Get Social

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. You can potentially reach millions within hours. There are about 2.4 billion Facebook users worldwide. 

The key to social media is little and often. It seems in the digital age that consumers’ concentration span has shrunk. What people want is ‘bitesize’ but also interesting.

If you are going to make a press release, you need to synchronize the channels you are using so that your social media is not ‘old news’ too fast. 

5. Create a Marketing Schedule

The first thing to say here is that you need a marketing plan. Successful marketing will not take care of itself. It has to be well thought out and planned.

This involves developing a marketing plan that covers at least the next 12 months. Think carefully about the timing of your various campaigns and how to maximize their impact while not saturating your target. No one wants to be constantly hit on the head. 

If you need professional help with this consider hiring a PR company that is a member of CEDIA public relations. This is an example of a certification that ensures best practice in marketing.

6. Remember the 80/20 Rule

Perhaps you have heard of this principle. It can be applied effectively to your marketing content creation and campaigns.

You need to embed your sales content within other content that is related to your industry. Consumers are interested in ‘hard’ content that educates and informs.

Keep the 80/20 rule in mind. It means that 80 percent of your content should be genuine industry news that is interesting and informative and only 20 percent should be sales based. This will help catch your consumer’s attention while allowing them to make the relevant connections between the superiority of your product and industry news.

7. Set a Budget

Marketing is a vital investment for your business. It costs money but make sure you know your limits and that you are receiving good value for money.

If you employ a PR agency, make sure you set specific goals that should be delivered for your set budget. If those deliverables are too vague then you are better off employing someone else.

PR Tips Worth Remembering

In this article, you have read about 7 top PR tips. If you follow through on these tips they will transform your brand so that it is visible, easily remembered, and will get results.

The best marketing strategies start with listening and gathering information. Only when you are fully informed are you ready to develop a solid plan. Don’t stop here, you need to continue to educate yourself and your team.

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