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5 Tips That Will Help You Attract Clients Who’ve Never Heard of You

Is your company invisible?

While invisibility might be a great power for a superhero, it can have a crippling effect on a growing business. Customers have to know you exist, and it’s up to you to decide who those customers are and find them.

When your business is invisible to potential customers, or your blind to who your best customers are, you’ll never get the juice your company needs. Instead, to take your business to the next level, you have to start by learning how to attract clients who need and want what you’re offering.

When you find the customer’s who need you, you’ll be doing them a favor, rather than pushing a sale on them. Are you ready to grow your customer base and create unlimited growth for your business? Read on to find out how to attract lifetime customers.

1. Attract Clients You Want

The most effective sales marketing campaigns attract clients by first knowing the customer, inside and out. Here are 2 questions you should ask yourself as a business:

  1. Who is your ideal customer?
  2. How can your business help your ideal customer?

Creating a marketing strategy that appeals to everyone is a near-impossible task. However, making a strategy to market your business to one particular type of individual, is not only achievable, but it’s also effective. If you’re not a giant corporation, you must learn how to focus your marketing funds to only target the audience you’re looking to attract.

2. Define Your Customer Base

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, you’ll have to begin with a little bit of research. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to define your customer base:

  • Do you cater to women or men, or both?
  • What age group are you targeting?
  • What locations can you serve?
  • What’s the income range of your customers?
  • What hobbies do your customer’s enjoy?

After you answer the questions above, continue by going on the internet to research who your customers are. Look for answers to questions like, “Who’s talking about the type of products or services you offer?” and “What type of customers are your competitor’s marketing to?”.

3. Create Special Events

When you have a clearly defined customer base, you can begin to craft specific messages and events to target them. For example, let’s say you know your customers are typically men, in their 30’s, who enjoy hiking.

If you’re selling outdoor gear, you could set up an event to have a raffle to win a pair of quality hiking boots. Your event could take place at your store, or in a local park to maximize the appeal of being outdoors.

Customers who’ve never used your products will love the fun, non-pressure sales approach your company’s choosing to take. Your potential new customers will get to enjoy your event, meet your company, and feel as if you truly care about them, and after all, you do!

As you learn more about your customers, you’ll begin to come up with more and more ways to make them happy. Whether it’s through your marketing efforts, events, or products, customers will appreciate your direct approach.

4. Offer Deals and Discounts

New customers and old, love feeling like they’re beating the system, by getting a good deal. Deals and discounts are creative, low-cost solutions, to attract clients to your company. The psychology behind a discount or deal is that the customer feels they’ll have an opportunity to do something to save money and enjoy a new product or service.

The appeal of having products and services at discounted prices, usually influences customers to buy more than they normally would. Since the discounts and deals are time-sensitive, customers feel as if they’d be missing out, if they don’t take full advantage of the opportunity.

Finally, deals and discounts help you get the word out about your brand. There are discount websites online, and newsletters, that customers look to for better prices. If you’re offering a great deal, the discounted sites are likely to make it public knowledge. As a result, you get to benefit from free positive publicity about your business.

5. Have a User-Friendly Website

Whether you’re a large company or a small business, everyone needs a website.
It’s common for consumers in America will look to online reviews, to make decisions about whether or not to use a business.

If a customer likes the reviews they see, they’re going to want to get to know you through your website and social media pages. If you don’t have an internet presence, it’ll be a red flag that’s likely to turn away potential new clients.

If you’re not sure how to make one, you can reach out to a web developer for advice. Your website doesn’t have to be large it can be as small as a single page.

Make sure the site is easy to navigate, has fast speeds, and contains the most important information. Information like your company’s name, contact info, and a list of products and services, are a good place to start.

Finally, whenever possible, include photographs on your website. If you only offer services, put up a few photos of your team members. Next to the team members’ photos, include a short biography of their personality and role on your team. As potential customers view the photos, they’ll begin to feel as if they already know and trust your business.

Creating Repeat Customers

As you begin applying the 4 steps in this article to attract clients, an amazing thing will happen. Soon, you’ll begin to realize that the customer’s you’re bringing in, keep coming back, time and time again. That’s because when you attract the right type of new clients, you’re enhancing their lives with your services and products.

Your customers want you to find them, and once they know they can trust you, they’ll be happy to stay. For more ways to find customers and keep them, check out the rest of this site.