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5 Important Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Today’s global economic system is a competitive and complicated world for your business to navigate. Without an integrated marketing strategy, your business is at a serious disadvantage in an era when it needs to be utilizing every competitive edge.

Don’t fall behind! Adapt and conquer with an effective integrated marketing strategy. But what is integrated marketing and how do you use it to best your competition in an increasingly competitive business world?

What Is Integrated Marketing & Its Benefits?

An integrated marketing campaign is a strategy that combines traditional and digital forms of media. This creates a unified brand image. Traditional media reinforces the brand in many formats.

This includes things like newspaper and magazine ads. It also includes radio commercials, television commercials, and advertisements by mail. The traditional media sector primarily consists of print and non-print mediums.

Digital media reinforces the brand image by using formats involving the internet. Social media platforms, applications, digital devices, and other more recently emerged methods are all used.

An integrated marketing campaign would successfully combine both the traditional and digital media sectors to create a singular approach to branding. But what are the benefits of using such a unique marketing approach?

1. Resiliency

Even if the competition is able to get the best of you in one area of the marketing media spectrum (such as print media), you can make up for it in others (such as SEO strategy).

Your brand will have a multifaceted marketing strategy with a singular focus. This allows it to be incredibly adaptable to any situation.

2. More Diverse Audience

When you utilize an integrated marketing strategy you are able to target multiple demographic groups at once. This means you can utilize paper media to reach the 70+ age group, while simultaneously using social media ads to target millennials.

3. Wider Customer Base

Not everyone is equally influenced by each form of media. By using an integrated marketing strategy you broaden your customer base by incorporating all elements of advertising.

4. Brand Recognition 

LinkedIn estimates that the average American is exposed to about 5,000 advertisements per day. When you utilize an integrated marketing strategy you build brand-name recognition across a multi-point media spectrum.

This helps your product or service from becoming lost in the mix of constant ad bombardment. When people see your logo in a magazine and link it to a radio jingle, they are much more likely to recognize your brand in digital media sources.

5. Singular Message

If you have multiple marketing media formats all working independently from one another, it can be hard for them to be on the same page when it comes to your brand’s message. By using an integrated marketing strategy you eliminate this problem.

With an integrated marketing strategy, all of your traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing are working together under the same guidelines. This makes homogeneity in your marketing message and branding way more obtainable. 

Seek Out a Professional

If your business stands to benefit from integrated marketing, finding a professional in this field is the next logical step. In order to reach your company’s fullest potential, you need someone who specializes in integrated marketing services.

An integrated marketing strategy is the best way to increase your audience, diversify it,  and make a resilient, recognizable brand with a singular message. For all of your other business news needs, make sure to check out the rest of our blog!