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Old 20th March 2006, 04:09 PM   #1
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Search Engine Guide Blogger

Default Entitlement Mentality on the Web

Authored by: Jennifer Laycock

Full Text: http://www.searchengineguide.com/laycock/007080.html

A Snippet:

It happens every now and then, in a forum, on a blog, and sometimes, even in court. What happens? Some web site owned by someone with an entitlement mentality experiences a drop in rankings and suddenly rambles on and on about the evils of Google and how Google has destroyed their business.

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Old 20th March 2006, 10:18 PM   #2
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Great post as always Jennifer. I am arguing this point on WPW now. I HAD quote you on some of your great points there.

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Old 21st March 2006, 11:29 AM   #3

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Default Entitlement, Free Seech, and 3-piece suits


I neither have an argument for Kinderstart.com nor Goo. Though, Kinderstart shows the Big G's weaknesses. How Kinderstart approaches this, legally, may be its own demise, however, except for the publicity.

Google is no longer a private company, it is public. Unfortunately, the Goo-gurls still embellish their high school daze. Fortuantely, the public company is headed by a more mature CEO, I would hope.

Goo is providing a (public) service, regardless whether Kinderstart compensated for said service. The moment Goo entered Kinder's property, without Kinder's direct permission, regardless whether or not Kinder implemented any of the available technologies to 'fence' Goo out, Goo entered a partnership with Kinder. Hence, Kinder's entitlement. Kinder's case proves less worthy, however, if Kinder requested, invited Goo via request for URL submission. Though, Goo's policy directly states that it is not necessary, since it enters Kinder's property automatically.
Is Kinderstart entitled? Yes, Goo so states.

Speech, free or not, requires structure (so that we all can understand what is being said). Certain STANDARDS are set to allow speech (free speech); subject; object; noun; verb; adjective; sentence structure; regardless what language is being spoke.

Let's examine Kinderstart's website (sentence structure allowing speech).
Kinderstart.com does NOT VALIDATE, 5 errors, 276 warnings.
Kinderstart.com is NOT a VALID website.

But that's okay. In light of 'free speech', more than 99% of the 10 billion web pages on the W.W.W. do not validate; 99%+ of the W.W.W. is NOT VALID.

It's all lazy, ignorant crap! Especially when validation is so easy!

It would be refreshing if Goo would index and rank ONLY VALID WEB PAGES. Goo would then be able to reduce its servers and expense by over 99%~!

Free speech? No. Kinderstart knows NOT how to speak (nor does 99% of all webmasters/mistresses). This has nothing to do with free speech.

Glorified LINK FARM
Kinderstart may/may not appear to be nothing more than a linky-dinky. However, WHO is inspiring linky-dinky? Who espouses linky-dinky? Who embellishes their high-school popularity daze of linky-dinky?

The Goo-gurls!
Considering, Goo and Kinder deserve each other's company in the courtroom~!

Worse, who endorses linky-dinky without question and concern? Over 99% of the entire W.W.W~!

Fortunately, the intelligence remains with the World's Most Powerful Search Engine and not with Goo-goo, Yahooligans, and MeSsiN' around (though, surprisingly, Bill Gate's SERPs VALIDATE!).

Some Kinderstart.com STATS for reader's enjoyment:

Ylinks: 101,000 <--- take note
MSNlinks: 16,000+
Glinks: 222

Gsite: 30,200
Ysite: 118,000 <--- take note
MSNsite: 972

G allinurl: 16,400
alexa: 247,703

G page rank = 0; (heh, heh, very ineresting, sez Kernal Klink)

Validation: 5 errors, 276 warnings BAD WEBSITE!!!

Top meta KEYWORDS on Kinderstart.com:
Kids "1,440,000,000"
Children "1,840,000,000"
Rather competitive, yesh?

Kind Regards,

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Old 21st March 2006, 12:05 PM   #4
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Search Engine Guide Blogger


Entitled…entitled to what? To a listing? To a ranking? To good rankings? Good rankings for the phrases of their choice?

No, they are not entitled, even if Google once listed them. If this was the case, a publisher could sue a bookstore if they stop carrying the publisher’s book. A recording artist could sue a radio station if they stop playing their song… I could sue you for not telling your friends to come to Search Engine Guide. ;-P

Can’t say I follow any of your comments on links… I suspect you are saying that because Google prefers sites with good links, they’ve created the need for link farms. That’s ridiculous. Just because someone misinterprets what they think Google wants and then runs into problems doesn’t make it Google’s fault.

Google is no more required to tell a web site owner exactly what they “want” than I (when single) would have been REQUIRE to tell a date exactly what I expect of them if they wanted to keep dating me.

Other than that, I don’t understand any of the points you’re trying to make in the rest of your post. I see you throwing out stats, but I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish with them.

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Old 21st March 2006, 01:37 PM   #5
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HTML Validation as an SE criteria? Give me a break. Information is information, code is code. Validation is for elitists...

Small Business Web Analytics
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Old 21st March 2006, 09:04 PM   #6
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Search Engine Guide Blogger


I wanted to blow this news off and not buy into (what I think is) their plea at a very unprofessional publicity stunt.

It just looks like a one-trick-pony way of optimizing a big site. Quite an interesting linking campaign they seem to have. I didn't realize it was 2001 already. I'm guessing they got a big hit from the Google "Jagger" update months back because of it? I don't know. Maybe someone can give better insight.

Maybe I'm missing something. Their free Google traffic has sharply declined and they lost a lot of Adsense revenue from Google because of it? Boy, you better sue Google.

Hopefully they enjoy their publicity and increased traffic from curious people like myself.


Local Search Blog
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Old 22nd March 2006, 12:50 PM   #7

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Default organic rankings

Pretty soon, the site starts to gain some Google rankings and tons of new traffic starts to pour in. Seeing this new traffic, the site owner slowly starts to back off of other types of advertising. Pretty soon, the only source of traffic for the site is bookmarks, a few links and organic search traffic. Along comes an algorithm shift and said business falls out of Google's rankings. Overnight, business dries up and the site owner loses almost all revenue.
This is a wake up call to all us webmasters who are doing the same thing: easing off of pay-per-click bids because we get good organic results! It could happen, so let's not forget to scatter our eggs into several baskets....

Loved the article, Jenn. I think your metaphors are right on target. (where did I put the world's smallest violin?)

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Old 22nd March 2006, 02:32 PM   #8
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Search Engine Guide Blogger


Thanks Pixellator!

To note, nothing wrong with backing off of PPC and enjoying your free organic traffic...but I think it's a good idea for all companies to know HOW to run a good PPC campaign so that if something does happen to their organic rankings, they know how to supplement with PPC until things pick back up on the organic side.

But...it's still important to remember that there is more to marketing than search marketing. There's email marketing, there's viral marketing, there's banner advertising, there's article writing, there's link building and buying...and none of those things should be abandoned if organic search starts paying off.

Like free stuff? Check out the free e-book Zero Dollars, a Little Talent and 30 Days.
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Old 22nd March 2006, 03:30 PM   #9

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Oh, so there are some dot com companies out there who don't run ppc campaigns and wouldn't know how? I guess their name starts with Kinder...
And isn't it fitting that a company all about children's services would come up with such a childish lawsuit?

Viral marketing kind of confuses me. Is it referring to sending offers to an email list and letting them spread the word about your company to their friends?

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Old 22nd March 2006, 04:18 PM   #10

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Great post.
Kinderstart.com is nothing more than a link farm with no content of its own.
They deserve to rank much lower.

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