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Old 27th June 2008, 09:16 AM   #21
marsha friedman

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Location: Costa Rica
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Default register tape advertising

we are thinking about starting a register tape advertising business outside of the states. Would greatly appreciate any information that could be helpful in getting this type of business started.

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Old 28th June 2008, 04:29 AM   #22

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Like most things it may be worth trying to see what response you get, but keep good records to see how effective it is for you.

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Old 6th March 2009, 10:34 AM   #23

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Default There is only one Register Tape Network

Originally Posted by jvhancock View Post

I signed up for an Ad with them for 6 months that should have cost us $2800. I specified a very paticular ad. The did not provide a proof. 3 months after they started printing the wrong ad (Even put the wrong name of the company on the ad), I recieved the first ad returned. I noticed they were printing the ad wrong and contacted them. They would not change the ad. They continued to print and sent us to collections. I informed the person that they printed the wrong ad, even printed the wrong company on the ad. I own two companies. "Subzero Ice Cream" and "New York Burrito". I signed the contact to advertize Sub Zero and they printed an ad for NYB. They are still trying to collect. It is now May 7th and they are threating Court. The contact specifies any disputes be in Court in Houston TX. So I guess I'm going to TX. Stay away from this company!!!. Thier ads don't get a responce either. I've used other products they print like "Movie News" and recieved zero responce. Don't waste your money. Run Very FAST!!!
YOU SHOULD KNOW that there is another company similar to Register Tape Network (RTN). Its called Register Tape Unlimited Inc.(RTUI) I assume that you are talking about RTUI and not RTN. WHY? Because 2800 is more than our published rates for 6 months unless you purchased two double spaces. RTN's rates are lower for two reasons. We are not out to gouge you by getting as much money as possible from you and then walk away when renewal times comes. Secondly, RTN's business is based upon customer service and renewals. Therefore, realizing that the value of any ad is based on some ratio of money spent and coupons redeemed, RTN's rates allow the advertisers to receive a good return at a fair rate.
As far as printing without a proof, that is absolutely not RTN's policy. RTN provides a proof and a revised proof if changes need to be made. If an error is made (HEY everyone is human) and wrong coupon info is printed, RTN makes good by printing a corrected coupon on the very next cycle for free.
I hope that clears your mind about RTN.
As for the other compnay (RTUI), You should claim your free cycle with corrected info and then negotiate for a better rate or call your local RTN sales rep. The RTN rep will place your ad on the register tape of a different chain of grocery stores at a fairer rate.
Please feel free to reply back to this response.

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Old 25th June 2009, 07:17 AM   #24

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Dear all,

A grocery store told me to help them run "Coupon Register Tape". I can easily get business owners to agree on advertising on coupons. but I don't know where to send coupons for printing on the tape.

Can anyone offer help?

Thanks very much!


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Old 12th November 2010, 01:18 AM   #25

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Default It's too bad this happens to people...

Originally Posted by BrittneyDawnG View Post
We got royally screwed by the same company Register Tape says he works for. They are a division of Fan Fare Media so watch out for them as well!

The salesman was a long term manager so he knew what he was doing!

We were shown 20 or so tapes from their previous customers, it all looked great to us. We signed and got screwed.

See, what happened was they didn't bother to tell us that no other advertisers had been approached and that we would be the sole advertiser. That would have been great if we still got our whole "cycle" as we were originally told. A "cycle" is 3 months, and we had to commit to a minimum of 2 "cycles" for a total of 6 months. I wouldn't be writing this if we got the full two months of constant advertising.

With only one advertiser (and really even 2 or 3 wouldn't be any better) is that RTN puts in fine print on the contract that they guarantee 150,000 coupons to go out. What they don't tell you is that should you be the only advertiser with them at the store you chose to advertise on, that 150,000 coupons is not going out to 150,000 seperate receipts. Or even 75,000 receipts.

No, we had 6-8 coupons on a single short receipt (single item purchase) and as many as 10-20 coupons on a single receipt for a larger grocery purchase.
Well, needless to say, the printed rolls that they sent to the grocery store ran out in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!! We paid around $1,800 (don't have the exact figure here with me tonight) for what we thought was 6-months of advertising going out to 150,000 or so people.

What we got for our $1,800 was one cycle with just over a week and a half going out to probably a few hundred people who each got multiple coupons they couldn't use (disclaimer stated one per customer). Then 3 months later, (the second "cycle") we got a repeat of the same.

Here is the clencher. We originally told the salesman that if this went well we would commit to long term and do the other 4 or 5 grocery stores in the perimeter around our business.

We called the local office and were told to contact someone at the main number. We were given a toll free number where multiple messages were left before we finally got a rude "supervisor" who told us it was what is was!

He didn't care that we could be a potential long term customer.

Oh, and I agree with the other poster about the regular customers. During that week and a half that we did get some coupons out, the only ones that came back to us were from our long term loyal customers anyway. We didn't get any new customers so we lost even more money by honoring a discount for an existing customer!

If I can offer you one piece of advice, it's read very well the small print! We've all been told this for years. But when you have an hour or so to finish up the paperwork, we don't read the small stuff always. Oh, and there is more small print on the back of the contract as well!

Let our mishap save you both your money and the headaches! Be careful of what you sign with anything, but in particular with the company that Register Tape works for!!!!!!

This just happened to us this year!

It's issues like that with a "poor guarantee" that jades peoples view of this wonderful advertising vehicle!

Brittney, yes, this is a problem with RTN, which is why so many of the grocery store chains are moving over to Register Tapes Unlimited (RTUI). At RTUI, you are guaranteed 84 out of 90 days to run in print, wether you only get out 2 impressions or 2,000,000,000 impressions. The 84 out of 90 days gives 2 days a month average for issues that may arise with UPS shipping of the tapes or a manager that may forget that "the 20th" is the install date for the new tape and continues to run the old cycle for a day or two until the local rep stops in to assure the install of the new cycle or a phone call verifying that they are running the correct cycle tape.

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Old 15th November 2010, 08:22 PM   #26

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Default Test

I've been doing a lot of flyer and some newpaper advertising, as well as foot canvassing small businesses (no residences, yet!).

I've recently come across an opportunity to print coupons for my service (free 30 minute consultation) on the back of cash register receipts at a local store.
OK Nathan,

Cash register receipts are just another way to deliver your sales message to a cold, unselected group of potential prospects.

Nothing wrong with that...

No one at this point can guess for sure if it going to work or not. But with a little testing we will know soon enough.

My first question is has your offer for the free 30 minute consultation been tested in your other marketing adventures. It sure speeds up the process if you have an offer that pulls great in other print mediums like the newspaper and even fliers.

Then if you run the register tapes and they bomb, guess what, bad delivery method. Don't do it again.

But if you don't have a proven offer...it could be you just didn't offer a coupon that is appealing to your target market.

I would not use the register tapes for testing a new offer...go with the newspaper for that. No question on their distribution.

Test, test, test...

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Old 16th November 2010, 12:35 AM   #27

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Originally Posted by Rob.Franklin View Post
OK Nathan,

Cash register receipts are just another way to deliver your sales message to a cold, unselected group of potential prospects.

Hi Rob:

The thing with Register Tape advertising is that you are targeting EVERYONE within a 3-5 mile radius of the grocery store you select to advertise in. EVERYONE has to eat. Unless those people shop close to work and bring their groceries home from more than a few miles from home or they just simply live on fast food and 7/11, chances are good they will grocery shop at a chain market for select items. We can compare Advo or Valpak that gets sent to 10,000 people ONCE a month, or your ad/coupon being handed in to the hand of grocery shoppers approximately 100,000 times a month. Repetition is key in most advertising plans.

With the newspaper, we have a 20/20 scenario that fits this day and age. Only about 20% of people subscribe to the newspaper anymore with the internet age upon us. And of those 20%, only 20% are under the age of 55 years old. Depending on your target and what your business is, the newspaper may be a flat bust.

78% of the shoppers in a grocery store use coupons of some sort, so you are going to have the interest of coupon users looking at the back of the receipt for a deal. If your sole mean of marketing is just to advertise and to not present a justifiable offer or something that you want measurable results from, then register tapes may not necessarily be a vehicle you want to use, since you can't easily measure the response and how it works for you.

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