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Old 16th September 2006, 01:53 PM   #1

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Hi, I just read Leej's thread and I had a question that may tie in. My question was whether most people like seeing product information on a home page or text welcoming them to the site and possibly telling them about the owner.

Currently I have both of these on my home page, but I'm not sure whether having both text and product info makes it too tedious for visitors. Could someone tell me if there's a general preference for one over the other? Or if having both is too much?

Thanks, and take care. By the way, I think this forum's great, and I wish I had the time and energy to read all the great stuff in here! Peace.

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Old 16th September 2006, 02:34 PM   #2
Matt McGee
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Originally Posted by Cruzin View Post
My question was whether most people like seeing product information on a home page or text welcoming them to the site and possibly telling them about the owner.
Great topic, Cruzin.

I do think having both is the best way to go for most small businesses, mainly because a lot of your visitors will probably be 1st-time visitors and won't know who you are. (Contrast that with a big brand like Dell, which doesn't need to explain who/what it is on the home page.)

We tend to recommend to most of our commerce clients that they write some (keyword-rich) introductory text about the company and their products for the home page, but also include a featured product or two -- something to get people into the buying cycle as quickly and easily as possible.

It's tough - you have to serve two masters, essentially: people who just want to buy and people who want to research you first. But it can be done, I think.

Matt McGee (AKA "Pleeker")
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Old 2nd October 2006, 11:39 PM   #3
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You can have a couple of sentences about you and a link to an About page and a brief description of your product and a link to a page with a detailed description. Nothing that hard here, really.

As for having them all 'keyword-rich', I'd first advise to write for the humans and add keywords later (if you can keep the text readable).

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Old 3rd October 2006, 12:31 AM   #4
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I'd rather write mostly about the benefits of my products/services for the customer.

Frankly, IMO a paragraph of "Welcome to my site" is a waste of good home page real estate. It assumes that site visitors always enter through the home page (they don't) and it doesn't really say anything useful to the visitor.

Ditto for the "let me tell you about myself" stuff. Generally speaking, visitors don't really care about me, they care about what I can do for them. The "about me" stuff goes on the "about me" page for those who are interested.

Rather, I try to write a home page that's focused on the visitor, not on me and not on the website/home page itself. Let the visitors know I understand their pain, show them how I've got the solution, and invite them to further explore the site to learn more.

My $0.02


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Old 3rd October 2006, 07:54 AM   #5
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I would think both. The one thing that does tweak me a little is when I go to a site and they have a welcome page that says "click here to enter".

Why in the world would I have to click here to enter when I just diod that? IMO - it wastes the visitors time.


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Old 6th October 2006, 01:15 AM   #6

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Default Home page content

I would say what you put on the home page depends on your audience.

Benefits are undoubtedly the way to go, particularly if you are a business-to-consumer company. Benefits are still important, but not as important for business-to-business markets. B2B wants to know more technical stuff about your product/service than b2C.

Definitely agree that the page should be written for your visitor rather than awkwardly written around keywords, but keywords are still important. Also important is LSI (latent semantic indexing) to help with google ranking. Google's algorithm change means google has gotten a whole lot smarter. It no longer looks at just keywords, but rather words that it expects to be included with those keywords to determine the subject of your page.


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Old 11th October 2006, 12:29 PM   #7

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Originally Posted by torka View Post
Ditto for the "let me tell you about myself" stuff. Generally speaking, visitors don't really care about me, they care about what I can do for them. The "about me" stuff goes on the "about me" page for those who are interested.
When I shop online, I avoid small business sites that don't have an "About Us" page. I want to know who I'm buying from, where the company is located, and a little about them. I don't want to be buying from out of a dorm room. So yes, I would say the "About Us" information is crucial. I do agree, though, that this information is not necessary on the index page.

At most I would have a sentence or a few describing what the focus of your site is on the index page. If I stumble across a site while I'm looking for a unique chess set, it would be nice to immediately know if the company specializes in chess sets, sells novelty gifts, or is an importer of hand-made items. Something that says "Welcome to XYZ, specializing in hand-made South American imports."

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Old 14th October 2006, 09:20 PM   #8

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I am in the process of getting my site up and going and going thru the same questions. You seem to have 2 options design a site for search engines or for people. SE's want text rich and keyword centric pages. People need good visual information.

I have used some text browser programs to look at my site to get a better idea of how robots and spiders see the site.

You can always factor in time for your site being on the internet.

A good rule of thumb would be to make the page for your audience and then tweak later for the search engines.

SEO never ends :-)

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Old 18th October 2006, 01:21 PM   #9

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What i learn from my experienced, You need to tell every thing about your product in homepage. if you have more than 1 product, you just need to tell brief introduction about your products one by one or maybe tell your visitor about your best product. than explained it later in product page. tell everything your customer need to know, features and benefit. if you can give free trial, just give it to your customer.

I agree about us page is crucial to add more creadibility. it also important to tell the visitor about you, your office location, and how to contact you. give more option to contact you, such as phone number of fax number. it make your creadibility increased. unless if you provide free product or service, you don't need to do this.

My final thought
Visitor need your creadibility who you are and what is the benefit of your product. are they save buying online? It is up to you how you provide this kind of information. learn it by tracking all you visitor using tracking software.

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