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Old 27th June 2008, 10:03 AM   #1
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Default Biz Idea

I got an idea for an easy small biz I. I live in a medium sized town and I want to start a small niche advertising firm in particular weekly ad booklets 10 pages 20 ads it would advertise sales promotions and a small local classifieds to advertise yard sales furniture sales to have exclusivity to it. So what do you guys think of the idea. Does anybody know how much the average cost of a 20 page + cover and back 8.5 x 5.5 booklets is? And how much do you think is a fair price to charge for a full page ad

So what do you guys think of this idea for a part time business??

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Old 15th July 2008, 12:53 AM   #2

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good idea just needs more planning...

if you plan for success it could happen but if you dont plan your hoping for failure.

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Old 10th August 2008, 10:06 PM   #3

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Hi Sergman,

Sounds like an interesting biz idea. I have seen this type of specialty advertising done successfully in other ways...like sports calendars.

Before you decide how much to price your ads, first figure out how much your WEEKLY overhead will be.

1. Printing - you ask how much it would cost to print your booklet...the best thing to do would be to get an estimate from a print shop. Here are some of the questions they will ask you:

# of pages
Black/white or color
# of sides printed

2. Labor - will you be putting the booklet together, or will you hire someone to do it? If you do it yourself, do you have the software and technical expertise necessary? If not, software will be an additional cost. You might consider hiring a graphic designer, or negotiate with the printer to do it.

Also, who will be selling the ad space? Will you do that, or hire someone to do it?

3. Rent - will this be an out-of-home, or will you need to rent an office?

4. Office expenses

5. Distribution - how will you deliver the goods and where will you put them? Front-of-store racks? Small specialty store and shops by the cash register? If you haven't already, put some thought into this. You may need to hire someone to distribute for you, and you may need to manufacture racking system. Are the booklets free, or will you be charging for them?

6. Advertising & Marketing - how are you planning to let people know about your booklet? How are you going to create buzz? This is important for both soliciting ad buys and readers.

Now add all these costs together out what the WEEKLY hard costs will be for you to put together the booklet, market it, and distribute it. Now add what you want to make per week for the booklet (what will your salary be, and don't forget taxes for yourself and any employees you hire).

Divide this figure by the # of ads you plan for each booklet. That should give you a fairly good idea of what you should charge per ad.

After you reach your figure, do some comparison with similar publications to make sure you are on target. You may have adjust your pricing because you want to be competitive.

I would also urge you to think about including some content in your booklet...to make it even more valuable. How about a "how to" run a great garage sale, or something pertaining to the customers you are seeking.

Also, consider value-add for your customers...like putting their ad on a website as well as on the hard pub.

Sorry this is so long...hope it helps!

If you'd like more info on how to create and run a successful small businesses, go to my website. You'll find lots of free advice, insights, and resources. If you want to sign up for my free weekly ezine, you'll be able to download a free e-manual entitled "11 Quick Ways to Build Business."

All the best,

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Old 10th September 2009, 05:54 AM   #4
Label Printing

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Good idea for small business and local classified advertising is good platform of marketing for small biz. Banner advertising is also good.

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Old 12th October 2009, 03:51 PM   #5

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Default Printing price

The cost will really depend on the printer you go to. If they have a large format press & can run your job on a large sheet, 24x36? then they will run it all on one sheet & fold & stitch it on one run.

This is what I would do if I were you!

1- Make the booklet (self cover) this will significantly reduce the cost. All it means is that the cover is the same weight as the rest of the booklet.

2- Initially, spend a little more money and have the first few hundred books printed at alocal copy center. You would be amazed as to how many mistakes you will find (or most likely others will find for you) once the 1st edition is distributed.

3- Once you have takenout all the bugs, then go to a real offset printed & have them print you a large qty.

4- Always get your price point based on qty. You will be pleasantly surprised as the price difference between getting 2500 or 3500 pcs.

5- Try other printing methods, like door hangers, post cards & such.
6- As for the one page add in the paper, I would avoid it unless the price is amazing, I would rather spend my money on google than any paper anytime.

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Old 12th January 2010, 03:19 AM   #6

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although it is a small business, you need to research first and then plan. That is the best thing to do for you to be successful on your small business.

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