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Old 25th July 2007, 06:37 AM   #1
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Question Is Radio Advertising Over?

Is radio advertisng more or less a thing of the past. People in business just don't hear about it as much as before. These days one advertises in newspapers, magazines, televison, the internet, not as much on the radio, especially in larger towns/cities??? Any response to this?

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Old 25th July 2007, 02:38 PM   #2
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I know that overall ad sales in the US were down in the past quarter, but I don't believe that it is "dead" by any stretch of the imagination. I do believe we had stronger sales in Canada during the same time period though.

Obviously, I'm in the industry and I am biased - but seeing it work for my clients is what makes me believe that it's still a strong, thriving and viable option for advertisers. There have been numerous studies recently that go to show the continued effectiveness of radio advertising and many success stories, but there are a lot of variables involved. There are so many businesses that don't have a clue what to look for in an audio ad or how to buy effectively...so I can see why a failed campaign would lead to a "radio doesn't work" attitude - if a rep lets them run an ad or campaign without at least trying to educate the client on how to work it for maximum effectiveness then there are going to be failures...which is a huge pet peeve of mine!!

Radio Girl aka Patrysha Korchinski
PK Marketing Solutions
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Old 28th July 2007, 03:59 PM   #3
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Location: Austin Texas Area
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Default Radio

I think that radio advertising can be very effective if it is used consistently. Of course, that applies to most forms of marketing. I have heard some ads over the years here in Austin that have actually been compelling enough to make me act, but many of them are ineffective. Maybe they are ineffective to me because I am not the target audience.

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Old 2nd August 2007, 09:06 PM   #4
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Radio works wonders when promoting events hands down. There are also a couple of power secrets to using the radio out there. Harv Eker has some good stuff as well as Dan Kennedy.

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Old 7th August 2007, 11:27 AM   #5

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Location: Las Vegas, NV
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Default Depends.....

I agree that advertising in Radio has lost its popularity. But most advertising media depends on the What, Who, Where and When. Those four Ws need to be determined first before deciding on the "HOW" (choosing what type of advertising media).

One of the uniqueness of radio is the variety of radio program formats offered to a specific target audience, which is perfect if your product appeal to that one specific market.

Disadvantage: Losing popularity to the digital world, and many more such as people usually tune out to advertising because they just want to hear continuos music.

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Old 26th August 2007, 04:09 PM   #6

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My company just went through a few rounds of radio ads recently. We found out it still works for two things:
1) Name recognition in a market. I've had a number of people say to me, 'Oh, your the company on the radio'. It doesn't make a sale, but it certainly gives credence to the company.
2) Job Applicants. We advertised on the big career sites and were getting the same applicants and placement services calling. We placed some ads on the radio about open positions and actually got some very good applicants. Considering the cost of a placement service of 25-30% of the first year salary, radio was a bargain.

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Old 12th September 2007, 01:05 AM   #7
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Default Unbiased View

Having just left radio after 2 years, 12 years in TV and 4 in newspapers, I can honestly tell you more scarry facts about all of the mediums than we have column space here - so to break it down simply- and in my own Australian regional area experience ...

1. Radio works hands down for offers that can be immediatly acted upon - it is like a instant feedback. EG: we had less than 20 seats left to sell for an event, 1x10 second live read had the phones running hot for half an hour and we could have sold 60. People will almost always act immediatly on your ad - if it is well written, and well read. Clever works - loads of sound effects and loud music don't. Really watch the production values on any ad produced.

2. TV works for people who like to think about their purchases, ie: big $ or food $. EG: sell a house, restaurant, etc. And only during the programs that will appeal to your demographic - don't think your getting a great deal when the station offers you BONUS Spots as run of station. Who is going to be watching something at 2am in the morning? Great visuals are paramount - graphic ads turn people off, loud music, loud voice over and shouting at people only works 5% of the time - the rest of the time they mute it or turn over.

3. Newspapers work only in the morning and weekends - no one reads them in the middle of the day and you only have limited time before they flick to the next page. Make your ad as BIG as you can with a real attention getter at the top - all of your details (contact, phone, website, etc) at the bottom in READABLE type! Keep it simple - bright (if you can afford colour) and above all READABLE !

4. And finally the web - what can I say - I'm new to web marketing for our business and am totally blown away with the results we are getting. I'm slowly pulling back on newspaper advertising and spending the money more creativley on other forms - posters, etc. Web advertising for us has been really effective and so cost effective it has been my go to form of advertising.

So, that's it - in a nutshell.
I could regail you with exceptions to the rule - but they are just that - exceptions. On the whole, ie: 70% of the time - these are the results that you get. Radio does still work - more people wake up to it, listen to it on the way to work, at work and on the way home. Radio sells.

Earl "The Fiend" Pilkington - Copywriter & Commercial Producer/Imaging for Radio
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Old 15th September 2007, 03:32 PM   #8

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Radio advertising is declining because it is expensive and the audience is too general. Niche marketing on the web gives companies the opportunity to narrowly focus on just their target market segment, which gives higher conversion ratios and more revenue for the same advertising dollars.

Radio advertising is great for branding, just getting a company name out there in a local market, but it can be very expensive, particularly in an urban market.

I like Just1Guy's idea to advertise for jobs on the radio - brilliant and cost effective!

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Old 18th September 2007, 11:33 AM   #9

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I think it all depends on what you want out of your marketing dollar. If you are in an area that is rural and do not use the internet then Radio might be the best option. But the younger generations are becoming more internet savvy and to not get on that train would be a big mistake.

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Old 20th September 2007, 01:41 PM   #10

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I have found radio remotes to be quite effective especially if you have some kind of special event going. You must have a compelling reason for the listeners to act now.

Radio can also be effective if you are giving something away and the winners must pick it up at the business location.

San Antonio Estate Sales
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