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Old 19th December 2007, 07:20 AM   #11
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The reason you may have not done well on eBay with dropshippers may be due to the fact that you are buying from sources listed in the World Wide Brands / OneSource listings. They are so over-represented on eBay it's a wonder anyone makes anything on them, except the people selling the information and the wholesalers.

Yet, after saying you make no money on eBay, your link goes right to a lead-in for World Wide Brands / OneSource.

You say you can't make any money on eBay, then link to a site promoting selling on eBay, using the same high priced list that thousands of others have paid for, only to find they are selling the same-old, same-old.

There are hundreds, even thousands of dropshippers not listed in the same old site that are not over-represented on eBay. There are many of people doing very well dropshipping on eBay. The opportunity is there, the chore is finding sources that are not already all over the Internet.

There is another site similar to the WWB site, which offers guaranteed dropshippers. They have paid staff that visit trade shows to verify the companies they recommend are true dropshippers and go out of their way to find sources of new and different products so that there is not saturation of products.

Guaranteed Dropshipper Directory

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Old 12th January 2008, 01:20 PM   #12

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Default SMC supplier

I tried an online supplier called SMC, not enough markup and like everyone here said, there are too many people selling the same thing.

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Old 12th January 2008, 05:01 PM   #13
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That just goes to show you. Here's my Purchases from them over the last few years - To Date $89,599.13. (just copied from my record on their site)

Many of their products I have sold at over their suggested retail, with an average gross profit of about 70%.

Main reason? I have never listed an item on eBay. I have never tried to compete with the $ 1.00 sellers with $ 49.95 shipping.

In 2004 I think it was I sold 30+ birdhouses to the Smithsonian Institution for use on the national Christmas tree. I have sold literally hundreds of eagle figurines to military groups for use as awards.

Until they discontinued most of their dolls I had ladies who would buy one a month, or 3 or 4 at a time. Online, but at my own site, not eBay.

I was also the moderator of their short-lived member forum, which had over 13,000 members. Yes, 13,000 members and you had to be a SMC customer to get on the forum.

So, there is plenty of competition, but many still do well.

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Old 9th August 2008, 06:24 AM   #14

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Hey, new here and noticed this post...

This is the reason why I don't do eBay (sorry for those who are pro-eBay moneymakers right now).

Dropshippers are just too risky and unreliable.

But then again, the logical thing to do would be to purchase a small bulk of cheap items first, testing out the dropshipper. But before you get to this point, you must have already done as much research as possible concerning the Dropshipper in question.

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Old 21st August 2008, 09:25 PM   #15

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Default Take It Slow, Test Them Out

This guy in the article actually did several things right. He tested different suppliers, started with only 10 sales, and picked a niche market he understood. He did get caught up with selling them too fast, which meant the first mistake was his Buy it Now price was too low. The only time you push them out the door that fast is when you have the goods yourself and you feel the price will drop (because the trend will pass, more supply is about to be dumped on the marketplace, etc.)

Ramping up so quick is what caused the PayPal problem. You show steady, increasing sales month after month, you should be fine, though PayPal can always swoop in and kill your business on a hunch. His $4k in debt had nothing to do with the shoes, he just spent the money.

In the end, test out your dropshipper with a series of small orders, and if you sense a big opportunity, lock in the product first and THEN ship them out. That's my 2 cents.


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Old 2nd December 2008, 07:19 PM   #16

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Are there any impartial rankings of dropshippers out there? Or a ratings system for those looking to get into it?

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Old 3rd December 2008, 03:58 AM   #17

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Default Hey!!

Well i havent experienced anything of that sort uptil now

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Old 4th December 2008, 03:28 PM   #18
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People are getting rich on EBay, even after all the years and changes, so don't think too hard, just get your self positioned for it!

If you want to get rich fast, then you will have to utilize a credit source, but I would suggest you use caution before you act.

You can pay the minimal amount on repayment (borrowed funds), because EBay has consistent selling marketplace.

Another words, power sellers do not loose sleep ever, since they know that sales will rebound back into prior selling pattern(s).

If you use a drop-ship service to source your auctions then you should monitor each item, don't try a blanket fleamarket, and this is even more true if you are being provided with goods from a common drop-service.

You need to find a drop-service that hosts just for you, and/or a few other sellers. Which means you'll need to create a contract arrangement to get sell their wares. But, profit is much better through a joint venture than a buy-into provider.

There is great opportunity in becoming rich overnight in selling Philetalic stamps -- be prepared to invest both time and money.

The current economy will break some of the things said above in to lies, after the holidays you won't get much solid advice, anyplace. Just watch the auctions for specific patterns and you'll live another seller's day.

Please visit my blog: http://winning-closes.blogspot.....om-my.html to learn about what to do, and not to do.

Small business startup ideas and breakthrough topics: http://twitter.com/birdwin100000

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Old 8th September 2013, 02:55 PM   #19

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Default Dropshipping List

I see how things can be risky out there. Does anyone know of reputable drop shippers out there?

thank you,

Michael Cote

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