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Old 4th March 2008, 04:30 PM   #21

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Default USB Flash Drives

I agree about the flash drives. Though they can be a bit out of the budget range for most people, they are still really really great giveaways that people want. If you can't afford a bunch just get one and do the fishbowl raffle idea. You'll generate leads and you can still put all your marketing materials on the flash drive!


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Old 7th March 2008, 10:01 AM   #22
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Very nice freebie, the mini flashlight.. hmm.. BTW, what is your product, there's no best way to promote your product as having a small freebie for it..
Still great presentation of the booth attracts people, also your booth should be in a great spot, that people always get to see while looking around..


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Old 7th March 2008, 01:03 PM   #23
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Default Our product is weather forecasting/consultations

We provide weather forecasts/consulting to radio stations and facilties across the U.S. and the Caribbean. One of our tags in our pre show letter going out next week will be Let us shed some light on mother nature in the Northeast and when they come by they will get the flashlight with our logo and phone number.

We are a huge sponsor at the trade show/expo: We sponsored the registration desk so the clerks will all wear our "company shirts" I designed light weight fleece vests with our logo on the front and "Weather without all the hype!" embroided across the back. The registration desk will have large backlit panels with our Company name on them. We also sponsored the email reminder that the Expo company will send out to all participants on Monday so it will have the Expo logo on the top then our logo and information about our company! We sponsored the trade show map/directory that will be handed to everyone so our booth is highlighted on there with a big block of information. Lastly, I think our name is on the signs directing people to their educational sessions too. So they should see our name everywhere and hopefully we can generate some good buzz! We are also giving everyone a business card magnet when they register and a postcard about our company.


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Old 8th April 2008, 08:39 AM   #24
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Default Graphics with POP

It is essential to have vibrant graphics that catch the eye and give a quick concept of what you are about... your visuals must have the impact of a highway billboard... in just seconds its clear what your about....

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Old 11th April 2008, 12:21 PM   #25

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Default Couldn't have said it better myself!

Originally Posted by Tom Young View Post
Although I retired from doing shows in 2006, I did my first show in 1975. It does not matter what type of show you may do. The basics are the same.

Next to having an attractive booth nothing works better to attract interest than being friendly and having a positive attitude.

Good luck with your show,

I'm in the business of marketing promotional products and trade show giveaways, but if you want success at a trade show and real genuine leads, there's nothing better than a great personality. Here's a good and a bad example that I just experienced.


I went to SES NY and was wandering around the expo. A company called PM Digital was giving out journals. Nothing special, certainly not an intriguing promotional product but the minute I stopped and looked I was approached by one of the booth employees. She was polite and we had a wonderful conversation, and then even suggested that I speak to the marketing woman about MY products. This woman legitimately tried to give ME a lead at her own booth.

I waited for the marketing woman to be done speaking with someone, and I had been waiting no longer than 1 minute before the CEO himself approached me and started a conversation. I never got to speak to the marketing woman, but it was still ok because I had such a wonderful experience.


At the same conference, a well-known company was handing out these awesome air dart gun things. We have a bunch in my office and I love them. They're so much fun. So I walked over to said company and stood there for a minute. At this point no other attendee was there besides myself. After about 30 seconds of nothing, I said to the woman, "Oh what a cool product." She sighed and said, "Yeah." So attempting to keep the dialogue going, I responded (or rather started) "I work for a company that sells these sort of things and this is one that I love." At this point she wasn't even looking at me, and she just mumbled an answer so I walked away.

So in essence, great promotional products can only help if you have great, genuine people at your booth. That's the best thing I can suggest.


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Old 14th April 2008, 09:48 PM   #26

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Haven't tried it but I read somewhere that movement draws people to booths at trade shows. Suggestions included those digital banners that scroll, any kind of animated statue and believe it or not the cheapest option - a fish tank.

Of course all the other stuff here still goes but every little edge helps right?

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Old 15th July 2008, 06:57 PM   #27

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If you have something to show off such as a video, a demo, or even a fish tank, provide some chairs. When the floor starts quieting down, those chairs will come in handy for the attendees who want to stick around. You could also have a power strip. They can charge their phones & other electronic devices while they talk with you.

Not only is your booth attractive (I hope it would be) but it is also functional.

A couple of other ideas:
- Add some music that will enhance the atmosphere. (not too loud though)
- Make sure, MAKE SURE, you're being proactive. No one likes a boring host.
- Remember, if the floor is busy, and you are not - Get working and attract some attendees over.

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Old 24th July 2008, 03:29 PM   #28

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I went to the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas - where it seemed the people were using models and celebrities to attract people to their booths. At the National Restaurant Assoc show in Chicago, good food and giveaways worked well. No one wants to walk over to a booth where everyone is sitting down and looks bored out of their minds. Make it fun.

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Old 5th August 2008, 04:10 PM   #29

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My experience has been you need something to capture the attention of the attendees to make them want to at least stay at your booth.

What usually work are freebies; however, the at the end of the day, they are usually inundated with various promotional items.

We had a real estate company hire a caricaturist at their booth. It worked great because the attendee received something out of the ordinary with the company's logo and contact information on the sketch.

An added bonus were the people who stood around and watched the artist. This gave the trade booth operator more time to pitch his products/ideas.

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Old 21st August 2008, 09:09 PM   #30

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Hopefully your past show worked out great with the mini-flashlight giveaway and the big ticket giveaway for providing your business card. You have to do something that makes a person stop and pay attention. Candy is probably the worst giveaway as you mainly attract people who run up, grab some, and dart off like a frightened animal. Flash drives are becoming a great giveaway, in my opinion, especially with all the information and demos you can pack into them. If there are any deals on the really small storage ones, like 128MB (since you can buy 1GB flash drives at retail for $6-10 each), I would do it, since you can easily pack a brochure or a lot of text onto a 128MB flash drive.

Work those attendees. Hire someone to pass out flyers every morning at each long line at the convention. (maybe people waiting to register, get in the doors, attend a keynote, or even the Starbucks line) Having a bag/box that people carry around, with your logo on it, creates thousands of "moving billboards" on the convention floor, which is why so many companies provide free bags. Making the deal w/the convention organizers was very smart, as one other way is to sponsor the lanyards that you wear around your neck.

If you're giving presentations at your booth, live entertainment never hurts. (Yes, I'm talking about "booth babes") I've seen skits, cirque de soleil style acrobats, magic acts, rappers, you name it. Loud enough to attract a crowd, but not too loud that all your neighbors are ready to kill you at the end of the day.

The best trick is to see what everyone else is doing and see what you like and dislike from their efforts. The best results come from friendly, engaging people inside your booth and follow-ups after the show. Good luck w/your next show!

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