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Old 21st October 2006, 09:35 PM   #1

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Default Can My Business Use AdWords?

I read some great articles about keyword research and how to improve your AdWords conversions on A.N.Onym's blog. Since I am a newcomer to Small Business Forums, I am unable to post the links. Highly recommended, though!

But I am still not sure if AdWords would be beneficial to my business. Why? Well, my business is Computer Support in Edgware so I assume my main keywords would be Computer, Support and Edgware. The main problem I see is that because Computer Support is not very unique, it will attract a lot of bidding competition on AdWords resulting in higher fees. Adding Edgware into the mix will certainly increase uniqueness but by how much? I suppose if my business was "Photographic Restoration in Edgware", AdWords would be more suited.

Also, most of my current work comes from customers whose computers have broken down (they saw my newspaper ad). Without a computer, how can they find me online anyway? So with or without AdWords these customers can't find me.

I know people selling unique products have reported success with AdWords but does this also apply to computer support?


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Old 22nd October 2006, 12:30 PM   #2

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1) Regarding targeting, you should learn about geo-targeting options available. Just as I can set my ad distribution only to show for US/English only searches (or any other setting) there are a mirage of ways to set your distribution based on the specific geographic region you want to target. This includes setting a location and radius.. so there is the flexibility to distribute your ads only to within the geographic region you want to target. In this scenario, you might target "computer support" as a broad term but only distributed to users from your targeted geographic location.

Other options also include language, worldwide, country, state, city, dma region, zip, etc.

This is set within your account settings and determines the distribution of your ads to users based on their geographic location. So it can be done and can work based on my experiences. A generic scenario might be a new york city restuarant with the keyword "restaurant" but only distributed to a 20 mile radius from their physical location. Realize this is only one example of local search marketing, there are many more ... and you should become more familiar with how to get listed in yellow page listings and other local listings. For example, Google does provide a free local listing service - see here as well. I'm not sure if that is only US.

2) Regarding your second concern, about people not searching on Internet because their computer is broken thus needing service... that seems logical but you never really know until you try/test. First many/most have access to more than one computer (library, friend, work, etc). Second, their service needed may not be for themselves. I don't know, you may be right but based on my experiences you have to test. Additionally, it is a consideration when it comes to evaluating other marketing. how else do you need to get out their locally? Is presentations/lessons at chamber sponsored events? yellow pages? advertising in local paper/radio/tv? the best is to find more than one tactic that works for any marketing. In yours, adwords may be effective but other tactics should also be researched/tested.

Based on my experiences when targeting local, it is often best if not an either/or thing ... for example - list in yellow pages referencing web site. They see ad, check you out on web ... then call.

Because your audience is limited, the numbers of people looking for your services is more limited - so more than point should be considered imo. The benefit is that when your ad is clicked on, they are a highly qualified lead that matches the business you are targeting.

Really, it doesn't cost much to test as if no one searches based on your distribution there isn't a cost as the only cost is based on pay per click. If they do meet your qualifications, then you find out and they'll be qualified and hopefully worth the associated costs. If you set a budget, you can test this without much risk to evaluate the viability.

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Old 6th November 2006, 03:33 AM   #3

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When my friends' or my computer broke down, we just go to the library or coffee shop to use the public computer and search for computer repair stores. Yellow Pages? What's that??!

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Old 6th November 2006, 08:39 PM   #4

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I get most of my leads through Adwords. My clicks are v expensive as I am in a very competitive market. But as posted above those who click are already looking for my product. The trick is to have many adgroups with closley niched keywords tight together and test ads with different headlines etc. Do keyword research thoroughly and use the keywords that you find in your C panel. ( how people are searching for you)

Split test and track and keep creating new ads and get rid of non performing ones. You can geo target and have ads running at particular times only. Also start small till you are confident - then play big.

Install Google analytics for tracking. It has powerful features that tell you what is working and what is not.

Hope this helps!

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Old 25th September 2007, 05:16 PM   #5

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Default can my business use Adwords

Adwords can work with just about any business

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