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Old 3rd July 2006, 07:56 AM   #1

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Default Starting a Small Office Cleaning Business

I am looking into starting a small office cleaning business. I am trying to decide wether to start a small business from scratch or to look into purchasing a small existing business with a small client base. I have not been able to find small existing business of this type. Any suggestions where I could look? Additionally I am not sure what the charges should be for the service. This is another reason I was looking to purchase a small existing business where rates are already established. How can I find what the competitors are charging for comparable services?

Any Suggestions?


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Old 3rd July 2006, 11:38 AM   #2

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Hi Bob, welcome aboard

I used to work in the hotel business and wanted to share how they went about it. Its really how most businesses do, if they do, i suspect. Working at the front desk of the hotel, each night a person is assigned to call around and get the rates for the evening at a list of other competitive hotels. They also ask the occupancy. A log is created and monitored over time. Other hotels provide the information and collect it similarly. Over time, believe it or not ... this is done openly and with agreement. All of them do it.

In your situation, I think it is just as simple although you don't need to openly identify yourself or your intentions. For example, pick up the local yellow pages and start by listing out all of the companies. Now call them all and ask your questions just as a customer would. Take detailed notes. Prices, services, other stuff mentioned. Then line up your lists and see what your potential competition is charging (or quoting in your case).

Regarding finding other businesses for sale, I've got to say the same aproach is probably the best route. Anyone have a similar business in your area? Pickup the phone and call them and see if they have any interest in selling. This can work occassionally. Tell them, if not, to give you a shout if they ever are in the future - you would like to be able to consider it.

Regarding buying a biz, i'm not sure I would go that route unless it made a whole lot of sense. An existing client base may.

One potential type of lead might be apartment complexes in your area who need their general areas and offices cleaned.

One other tip regarding calling around, if you are concerned about being identified then call one city away from your market. For example, if you are in houston then call other similar companies in Dallas.

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Old 29th July 2006, 01:57 AM   #3

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Default Some helpful things

I started a cleaning business some time ago. Essentially, one needs to write a business plan, have some capital for start-up costs, and inital marketing, etc. and then go ahead and start signing up clients. I found that software became important as I began to grow, meaning I did not have to spend a lot of time managing the office paperwork. I purchased a program from Thoughtful Systems (www.thoughtfulsystems.com) at a very reasonable cost. Once you have all that in place, you need to keep motivating your employees to do a good job, and make sure the clients pay as quickly as possibel

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Old 30th July 2006, 10:54 AM   #4
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Hello Bob12345,

I would suggest hiring a consulting company to do a research on this field.

Also, you might find of good use some economic magazines. I'm sure you can find a detailed analysis of a business like this.

Some research on the Internet could provide good answers.

Oh, if you have trouble searching the Internet for such things, you can also post your question on
1. http://answers.google.com (for a small fee) or
2. http://answers.yahoo.com (free of charge, but the researchers are much less prepared).

Hope this helps.

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Old 25th January 2010, 11:59 PM   #5

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buying old business can be a good thing if you are sure there is money tio be made and reputation can be take further..by far reputation is most important criterion while looking to buy old business..my 2 cents

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Old 29th January 2010, 07:17 AM   #6

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I think one need to set a price structure also. If you are not sure what the charges should be for the service, the finest way to do this is to ring around the local cleaners in your Yellow Pages and observe what they are charging. You can also get this information from your local job center.

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Old 29th January 2010, 09:21 AM   #7

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Ask around or check the Yellow pages for existing small business. Call them and ask for information. Sometimes it's okay to start a small business from scratch especially if the old business didn't do well.

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Old 2nd February 2010, 04:56 AM   #8

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I thinks its not advisable to buy a biz. Why buy if you can know by yourself how the business operates. Monitor how your possible competitors is doing, how they charged service. And then make your plan, compared in buying a biz. It won't help too much coz your are just starting. May be the client base. But if you want a more established name/reputation, then buy if you can afford. Its up on you to decide.

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Old 9th February 2010, 06:19 AM   #9

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What I like so much about starting an office cleaning business is you can start small — even doing it as a side-business — and bring in profits right away without laying a ton of cash out to get going.

It’s a service business — which is the type of business you should be looking at in today’s economy. Just pick up the paper and check out where the economy is heading. You’ll know what I mean about providing a service,

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Old 25th February 2010, 06:34 AM   #10

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Taking over a pre-established business is not a bad idea. Since it's already established, your initial marketing effort would be less. Moreover, if that business is 2 years old and conform to all the application criteria for the SBA Certification, you can even get federal government contracts, which otherwise would take you to run your business successfully for more than 2 years.

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