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Old 22nd February 2010, 04:41 AM   #1
Jaime M.

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Lightbulb How To Build-Valuable Long Tail Keywords

Ok, Hey Jaime here , picking back up from the other day..... from, "Long Tail Keywords-Deliver More Traffic".......

You will want to start by optimizing precise keywords that will drive traffic to your niche marketing site, first it is crucial that you take the time to actually research the keywords that you have chosen to spend your time & money on. You do not want to employ keywords that may be too widespread in their scope, or that not enough people end up searching for. Most marketers believe, that the success is in getting the website ranked high, for one or two primary keywords, & they will put all the efforts in achieving that goal. This works sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes in order to achieve better results & actually converting your website visitors into customers, you will need to be & come across as inspiring & unconventional. Ranking for long tail keywords (keyword phrases consisting in four, five or more words) is one of the methods for lasting success. It's much more achievable to rank for long tail keywords. On account they are more specific and are not as common as usual one or two word keywords.
The overall key is to get ranked for as many long tail keyword phrases as you can. You won't generate much traffic from just one phrase. But if you rank for dozens of long tail keyword sets, the overall traffic can be immense & can bring you many new customers / visitors. I've broken down most of the agenda (outside of your own detailed research) of finding and developing your long tail keywords into seven methods. These methods below consist of basic content development tactics, & adequately utilizing a few online web tools also. By following these methods, you can use them to discover the long tail keywords that are suitable to your web business / website, & niche. If you apply these methods, along with your research, you will ultimately amplify the amount of search traffic you will receive daily to your site, if done correctly.

Long Tail Keyword Development Strategy:

#1. Online Keyword Research Tools:
Google Adwords Keyword Tool & SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool can help you determine the effectiveness & profitability of a niche. These tools can also help you to develop a broad range of secondary keywords when you type in a core keyword such as 'tantrums'. Both of these tools will give you a long list of phrases sorted according to their monthly search volume, & they will also show you the competition in that particular keyword phrase. Enter both core keywords into the Google Adwords Suggestion tool. Then download, or copy/paste the entire list in a word document or excel format to keep a list of these keywords in an accessible area or folder. And when you write an article, be sure to include at least one of these keyword phrases in your title, tag, or headline. This can be done consistently & you should go through the entire list at least one or two times, to connect these keywords with an assortment of phrases which are related to popular search inquirys.

For instance, if I were to use a few details on a list for 'tantrums', I would include specific verbiage before &/or after the keywords, in your title.

Here are some examples of my possible titles:
*Bedtime Tantrums in a toddler*
*How to handle a toddler Tantrum*
*5 ways to deal with temper Tantrums*
*Bad stimuli to aggravate Tantrums*

2. Internal On-Site Search Boxes:
Monitor what keyword phrases users are searching for on your website & create pages with these exact keywords & adaptions of these keyword phrases. This is a passive and useful way of developing long tail keyword rich web pages. Your visitors are adequately doing all the research for you & their usually search tendencies usually will correspond in some way to the general publics' search habits.

3. Keyword Analytic and Tracking Programs:
HitTail, Google Analytics, & 103bees are three keyword/analytic programs you can use on your web pages. You will just need to drop a few lines of code in your site source or template & these programs will start to suggest specific long-tail keywords that you can use. These programs can be considered a semi-passive way to developing a range of long tail keywords. If you are pressed for time &/or just unwilling to do research on your own. Then these analytic programs might just come into use. And in reality....who doesn't want an easier life?! So there is nothing wrong with using these analytic programs. It is your decision in the end, on how to run your business.
If I were to pick best program to use (plus its free), I would go with Google Analytics because they offer more statistical features than HitTail &103bees. Also HitTail only allows one website per account so if you want an analytics tool for several websites, Google Analytics or 103 bees would be better as they both will allow you integrate & monitor multiple websites within the same interface. The decision of what your ultimately looking for is up to you in the end.

4. Google Suggest:
Is another tool you can use, it is a search box which guesses what you are typing in it and offers recommendations in real time. This tool can be a useful way to narrow down your searches to specific keyword niches, it uses data from the overall popularity of searches it observes. These keyword suggestions are not long tails, but rather categorized keywords which each contain a whole multitude of long tail keyword phrases. Google Suggest should only be used to narrow down your search so you can do further evaluation through using keyword analytic tools or competitor analysis.

5. Competitor Analysis: Finding their Long Tail Keywords:
Learning how your competitor gets traffic to their website is a dynamic approach, because your competitor has already targeted a whole heap of long tail keywords. You will need to augment your site & create new pages which concentrate on these keywords as well. Depending on your overall link profile, site optimization & site strength, you will stand a good chance of ranking better than your competitor on the search engines, if you use long tail keywords correctly. There are two ways to find your competitors keywords. One is to visit their websites and analyze their web pages, check out their title, meta tags also. The benefit of you doing this detailed research is that you'll come to understand how your competitors think & preform so much better.

Perform competitor analysis manually or through SEO Digger. The faster method to perform competitor analysis, would be to use a free online keyword parsing tools such as SEO Digger. Which will allow you to immediately find out which keywords your competitor is targeting by simply inputting their site URL. SEO Digger can be inaccurate when it comes to actual keyword ranks but is generally beneficial as it shows you various keywords, which your competitors are ranking for at the moment.

6. Fast Directory Submitter:
Yes, copying/pasting a new long tail keyword phrase as the title in each directory can be a boring & very time consuming. There is a great time saving solution for that though. 'Fast Directory Submitter', this semi-automatic directory submission tool allows you to fill in the website profile form only once, & then enter as many titles (using long tail keywords) & descriptions as you desire. When submitting your website to directories, Fast Directory Submitter will automatically fill in the submission form rotating your titles & descriptions from directory to directory. You just need to verify the suggested category, enter the verification code if required by the directory then click Submit to go onto the next directory. Soon after your website will be submitted to all these directories using different long tail keyword phrases. When your listings are approved, you will get tons of links to your website. After Google indexes those links, you should be on the way to the top positions in the search results, using long tail keywords.

7. Natural Long Tail Keyword Development:
This may be the simplest way to develop long tail keywords, because it doesn't entail much research at all. All you need to do is to make sure that you update your website or blog more frequently by adding constant fresh keyword-friendly content & new web pages. The key emphasis here is persistance & repetition. If you've just started a new blog, get it indexed by Google first & then post as frequently as possible to increase your content visibility on the search engines. A high frequency of blog posts, each with specific variations of your keywords will help you to gradually get more search traffic.

Final Thoughts:
The thing to remember when targeting long tail keywords is the value of small things when multiplied. Sure, it would be outstanding to rank first for a keyword that gets 400 searches a day. But, that will be a little bit harder. If instead, you focus on 10 long tail keywords with 40 searches a day each, you'll still get about 400 visitors to your site, & it will be a lot easier since you'll probably rank higher for those keywords since they are long tail, therefore less competitive. If you already own several blogs in profitable niches, these tips on long tail keywords will undoubtedly increase the amount of traffic you receive from search engines. I'm absolutely convinced that you'll see the improvement in search traffic figures, if you apply some if not all the methods above.

Best Of Luck To You All,
Jaime M.

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Old 22nd February 2010, 11:51 PM   #2

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Hey its very interesting and informative article, Its very worthy to read, its contain with new information, thanks for sharing such valuable info with all of us.

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Old 23rd February 2010, 10:11 AM   #3

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Thanks for the post.. Give more ideas and information for those newbie in this field

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Old 10th April 2010, 09:47 AM   #4

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Just check google webmaster tools, you can find here what you are looking for.

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Old 17th May 2010, 07:09 AM   #5

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Hi Jaime You have another helpful and interesting tips containing helpful article here. Your recommendations on creating long tail keywords are really helpful.


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Old 21st May 2010, 09:31 AM   #6
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If you track your long tail searches by using software which is installed to your website (same as Google analytics) this will help you track your long tail traffic

Scandinavian Property House - Buy International Real Estate Spain
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nice piece of information you got here, this is great thanks!

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