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Default Rojae!!! You get it...

That is exactly my model...Here is my daily routine. Here is how I have now topped 20,000 fans.

I post at least once a day during the week and maybe once on the weekend.

Although my page was built for people to know who Johnny Lew's Sports is and to get them to become customers I have evolved from that. Social Media will never be a place to just post a bunch of advertisements. Thankfully I understood that from the start.

I have found who my audience is; NY Yankees Fans, great because I am from NY and the Yankees are my baseball team. I dont try to cater to every MLB team. First Lesson learned: Trying to cater to everyone and you end up not catering to anyone. (Thankfully there are an estimate 14 million Yankees Fans)

I cater to Yankees Fans. I give them what they want; News, Facts and interesting content about the Yankees AND I ALWAYS ASK THEM to add their own content. If I post 6 times a week 5 of them will be content about the Yankees or highlight a Fan of the Week.

Is it working? YES How do you know? it is common now that I get 300+ likes on some content, with 50+ comments. My main competitor gets 4 - 10 likes and even less comments. My main competitor treats the fans like customers, like a potential sale & the fans act accordingly. In fact the fans on that page ask for Free Stuff or to be picked to win their contest.

I involve the Fans on every post, and I make every effort to respond to every comment - although on a few of the last posts where 200+ comments came in I just couldnt keep up.

I THANK THEM for being fans - who ever hear of Johnny Lew's Sports? They didnt I am not a Walmart or JC for them to have liked and stay a fan I appreciate that & tell them as such!

I am real! I dont have my profile as a logo, my profile is ME. Isnt that what Social Media is suppossed to be? real people.

Finally, one out of every 6 posts will be a plug for a product or to give a special offer. Is this working? Today I posted a link for Yankees towels - I couldnt believe that within an hour I had over 29 likes and 10 comments! That was very heart warming that people took that message and shared it.

I even had one customer who was upset post on that very link over a misunderstanding - I resolved it and that same customer placed a $70.00 order!!!! That never would have happened before - that same customer even posted what a wonderful company we were, See:

You never know who will "fan" you! - I told you we cater to the Yankees, well a DeDe Murcer Moffett became a fan. Yankees fans will know the name "Murcer" as in Bobby Murcer - all star Yankee. She is a national singing artist and radio show host. I never wanted anything but friendship from her and she is putting my business on her radio show next week, all because I did what any friend would do and posted her story. You meet amazing people everyday - treasure it!

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