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Originally Posted by platnumcn View Post
For a minute, I thought facebook would be giving us opportunity like adsense to earn ... Social media giggs can only work, if you have a solid social network or else, it is difficult to get noticed .
You can't just sit back and wait for the money to come in-you got to go out there and fetch it.That's Facebook.And if asked,the social networking behemoth offers a better chance as a platform to market your business than Google-far,far much better.There are ways to get that solid fanbase,and optimising them to work in your favour will leave you wondering why you never considered to tread that path before.

Originally Posted by dotbiz View Post
Wake up guyz! Unlike Google Adsense there is not any revenue-sharing opportunity with Facebook. (No Facebook Adsense).
There is a difference between using Facebook advertising and Adwords. When you want to generate revenue through online advertising, reaching the right people, with the right message, with the right offer and at the right time is paramount. It’s possible to achieve this with Facebook ads and Adwords.

The major difference is that Adwords are more about fulfilling demand;finding the small set of people willing to buy,or very close to it,then capitalizing on finding people at that stage of the sales funnel.With Google,you are targeting people with the things they’re looking for.With Facebook, you’re targeting them by who they are and what they like;people likely to buy from you at some point.Overall, there is more sales potential.

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