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Johnny, I have followed some of your threads on your facebook success. Congratulations by the way. I have been using some facebook ads to advertise my site. It is a medical business and I feel I have targeted the right people. I have ran many ads and found the most successful. I'm getting more and more facebook "likes". I enjoy all the likes and I post on it every day.

Now for the bad part of this story.

No one seems to respond to my posts. Also after spending near $100 (not complaining I know it takes money to make money and a lot more money then that) I still have not seen even one sale from facebook, also I have barely even seen any people that have come from facebook to my site. Even after liking it. I don't get it.

the ratio is about for every 4 people that like my page, 1 comes to my site and 0 orders are made.

I'm not trying to battle and say facebook doesn't work period, I guess i'm just asking if you have any suggestions I can try now that I have more people that like my page.

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