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Originally Posted by DavidHawke View Post
I agree with Logan, something else to do is to make sure the keyword is in the url itself too.

Setting up "on site" SEO isn't different for different websites. But some setups are easier for the search engines to read than others. If by dynamic you are talking about a flash type website, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Also if your client is trying to get you to guarantee top listings, you'll want to be very careful with that too. While you can set up his website to be SEO friendly, depending on the niche and the keywords, it is doubtful you can get a website to rank high with just the on-site SEO, typically it takes back-links and other offsite methods to get a website to rank high.

It can be done, but if you are only getting paid to build the site and not to do monthly SEO, definitely don't guarantee anything.
Thanks for such useful suggestion! I will discuss some of the points to client also.

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