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Good point. I need to look into how AdSense might be integrated with Cafe Press. I'm also trying to figure out if I can use my own URL (I own in any way other than forwarding it.

But...I can't use it right now anyway, because the goal is to not spend any of my own money. That means things like advanced hosting, stats tracking and even eBay are out until I make a few sales. (Ebay costs .25 cents to list, even if you don't sell your product, so until I make a sale and have profit to spend on things like eBay, it's outside of the rules of the game.)

Gotta say...this is tough.

Though I did get picked up on Jason Dowdell's blog today. Working on a press release with a decent concept that I'll be writing about tomorrow. Also going to start doing some link seeking, which I'll also chronicle.

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