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First thing, Mike - you know I said stop saying "I'm screwed"? Well, I want you to also stop saying "I hate..." You don't hate anything, okay? It might displease you, It might disappoint you. Maybe you don't like it, don't approve of it, or don't want it -- but "hate" is such a negative word that it affects everything else you say and leaves little "hate-bombs" in your brain!

Where attention goes, energy flows. The more you pay attention to things you hate, the more things you will get to hate. And who wants a life like that? I know for this thread, you don't. So, no more, "I hate" okay?

Here's a little trick to play on yourself --
- Find a reverse way of saying it instead - "I love driving, not really."
- Get a rubber band and place it on one wrist.
- Every time you feel yourself saying I hate something, ping that rubber band hard enough to hurt,
- Then say your reverse phrase - "I love doing that, not really."

Watch this video - Zig Ziglar "I hate my job!" -

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