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I would tend to believe Outside the Box because I've had similar bizarre experiences with Paypal. I thankfully haven't had the experience of them directly taking any funds from my accounts, but I've read elsewhere they do that. My own experience that relates to OtB's story is after being with Paypal as a perfect member myself even way before they were bought up by EBay, they also connected me with another party who owed them money because the person was living at my address for a time. From this because the other person defaulted on paying them back, they deactivated my account.

Now I was able to call and get what the problem was from them, but things went downhill from there. I also used to (before this) trade more on EBay and of course Paypal is expected by a lot of buyers, so like OtB, I wanted to try to get my account reactivated. The people I talked to at Paypal kept getting regressively more rude, and also gave me bogus contact info including a 'blackhole' email address to send an appeal to. Now I also wanted to help the other person, so I got the idea of paying the debt myself and have them reactivate my account so I could pay them through that. Had the money set aside in the bank, went to call Paypal again and said I was willing to pay for that person but I would insist my account be reactivated to pay them through there. They refused saying it would be too great a risk to their other clients - now I have a perfect record myself with both Paypal and EBay feedbacks (100% positive), but they just would not budge.

Oh and about not hearing about Paypal problems in the press much - that doesn't really mean anything. There's a lot we don't here about in the press. Media companies just like other companies are owned by people with a lot of money who decide what reporters will and will not report - reporters don't really decide that themselves. That's fantasy land, lol!

Anyway just wanted to share my story - fortunately I didn't lose any direct money, just the most common online payment service. I'm hoping another better one will come along...


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