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Originally Posted by Addicock View Post
Hello all,
I just figured out that my computer has this kind of Trojan. I was running pretty much all of the Anti-virus things my computer has. The main one says there is nothing there and my Windows defender says I have two Trojans so I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking of buying or building a new one.
Right now I have Intel. Iím not sure which is best like Dell, Microsoft, etc. I need a gaming computer which can also be used as a school work computer. Any ideas?
what I would suggest you to format all the drives of your HDD as there are some files in the cache, surely this will resolve the problem. On the other way if you looking to get a new machine for gaming, graphics card is the most essential part of ur CPU, you can go for Radeon HD7970 with Intel i7.

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