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I think most people have already got it covered... In general though I think people visit blogs because they want to find specific, detailed information so making sure your blog covers as much as possible and does so in an informative manor will build trust in you as a professional resource. That being said you want your blog to be easy to read and follow so splitting up pages with lots of pictures, subheadings and bold text for any keywords will help to make your points more clear and accessible. Interactivity is also something to consider, so making your visitors feel more apart of what you are talking about. Asking questions and generating discussion is definitely worth a try here.

In regards to content you need to keep up to date with your industry and find out what people are talking about. One way to do this is to join as many websites/forums related to your subject as you can. This way you can find out what's 'hot' and discuss your thoughts on it in your blog which would also be a great way to ask your visitors opinions. Maybe you could check out other blogs on your subject too and compare them to yours. Find out what works and also if there is a niche within your field that other people haven't covered so then you have something unique to offer your visitors.

Good luck!

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